NeoAlly 3-in-1 Dog Splint Braces [Short Version] for Small Dogs or Short Rear Leg Support


  • SUPPORT * STABILIZATION * IMMOBILIZATION – Your dog’s rear legs are all covered by this pair of braces, which provide 3 options: the rigid metal strips for immobilization, the semi-rigid metal spring strips for stabilization, and the no inserts for support and protection.
  • REMOVABLE & INTERCHANGEABLE – Each brace comes with 2-set dual metal support strips, which are removable and interchangeable. You can easily take out and insert different strips to each brace to accommodate the needs of supporting your dog’s hind legs.
  • MAINTAIN MOBILITY & STABILITY – Your dog may suffer from injuries related to jumping or running, or simply weaker legs from aging. No matter what the causes are, Neoally 3-In-1 Dog Splints/Braces will provide the much needed support for speedy recovery and mobility assistance.
  • SOFT & BREATHABLE – Neoally Dog Brace is made of high quality perforated neoprene that is soft and breathable. The metal support strips are inserted into the brace and do not rub or pinch dog’s skin. The brace is safe and comfortable for extended period of use.
  • SAFETY REFLECTIVE – Each brace comes with 4 Reflective Velcro Straps that secure the brace in place to prevent from moving or sliding down, and also provide visibility under light, giving you peace of mind in dog walking in the dark.




Vets Highly Recommend to Wear Pair

Study has shown that when a dog gets injured to one leg, it is highly likely the other leg will get injured as well due to the imbalance caused by the injured leg. So veterinarians highly recommend wearing braces on both legs. NeoAlly package contains one pair of dog braces to support both legs.

Support – Stabilize – Immobilize

Each NeoAlly Dog Hock Brace comes with 2 sets of strip inserts, the rigid metal strips and the semi-rigid metal spring strips. They are removable and interchangeable. You can easily take them out or re-insert. The rigid Metal Strips provide stabilization and immobilization, used in dog rehab and injury recovery; the semi-rigid Metal Spring Strips provide strong support to a dog’s rear leg and hock joints, while not hinders the dog’s movement; and the braces without inserts can be used for flexible support and wound healing

Breathable Fabric The dog brace is made of strong, durable, and soft neoprene, which is perforated and breathable. It helps dogs to walk better and prevent them from licking wounds, effectively protect and speed up wound healing and pain relief.

Keep your dog active and healthy with NeoAlly 3-In-1 Dog Rear Leg Hock Splint Braces.

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Price  $35.95  $27.95
One Pair
With Reflective Straps
Flexible & Adjustable
With Metal Spring Strips
Splint/Brace Combo

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large


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