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We design high-quality leg braces, harnesses and vests that help keep your dogs mobile and provide pain relief, injury prevention and recovery support. We focus on products that naturally enhance your pet’s mobility and decrease anxiety. What sets us apart from the competition? We work closely with veterinarians to develop products that improve your pet’s quality of life and speed recovery. All our products are thoroughly tested on most breeds for Fit and Comfort.  Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality pet support products that keep your dogs moving and stress free so your whole family can have a safe, healthy and happy life.

FAQs + Learning Center

Yes. Dog leg braces work for arthritis. Leg braces offer stability and support which help decrease pain and inflammation when your dog is active. Front and rear leg braces help dogs with the joint pain and loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis.

Arthritis in dogs can develop in all joints of their front or back legs, including elbow (elbow dysplasia), wrist, ankle, knee, hips and shoulder.

Dogs are highly prone to joint pain issues from arthritis or injuries caused by a sudden fall or slipping. Leg, shoulder, and elbow braces for dogs are best to correct problems like limping, collapsing, excessive weight, and laxity. These leg braces can treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, and dysplasia.

Our NeoAlly® non-rigid leg braces help dogs that suffer from limb weakness or injury due to arthritis or age. They’re highly recommended by veterinarians and provide the much-needed support to help your dog’s joint pain.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

Does your dog have a hurt leg? Dog’s legs, especially the rear legs, are prone to injuries from running, jumping, and playing in general. If your dog suffers a sprain or break, your vet may recommend a dog leg brace to reinforce the leg and promote healing. But, there are various causes of dog’s leg injuries so it’s essential to visit your vet to determine the root cause and the treatment plan.

Dog leg braces offer stability and support which helps decrease pain and inflammation when your dog is active. They also speed up the healing and prevent your dog from licking the wounds. Leg braces are especially useful for disabled, handicapped, senior, arthritic, and injured or recovering dogs.

There are several ways to treat your cat’s injured leg. Depending on the severity of the leg injury, a cat leg brace could help the healing process. A leg brace can ease your cat’s discomfort, help increase his mobility and reduce the risk of further injury. In fact, a cat leg brace can sometimes be used instead of undergoing surgery. However, it’s important to consult your veterinarian about a treatment plan.

Cat leg braces will allow your pet to remain comfortable as he begins to heal. The brace provides the stability and support needed to help alleviate pain associated with torn ligaments or a broken bone. A well-designed brace will allow your cat to sleep comfortably and move around without feeling restricted.

A thunder jacket for dogs distributes pressure over the back and sides of your dog’s chest, serving as a calming “hug.”  This gentle pressure releases chemicals called endorphins that promote a sense of well-being. That’s why stroking a dog firmly and slowly calms him down while a quick pat on the head revs him up.

Anxiety in dogs can be triggered by many things. Dogs often fear loud noises (e.g. fireworks), household visitors, nail trimming, car travel, vacuum cleaners, or separation from their owners. Fear of thunderstorms is a common cause of anxiety in dogs.

Dogs become anxious when they hear thunder, see lightning or experience rain pounding on the roof. They also detect changes in barometric pressure and the ozone content of the air (a side effect of lightning) that occur during storms. And if they receive a shock from the buildup of static electricity, dogs really become nervous. It’s no wonder so many dogs suffer from “storm phobia.”

These events can make both pets and their owners anxious, nervous and worried. We can help!

Our NeoAlly® anxiety jacket for dogs applies gentle compression for your pet that has proven to have a calming effect during thunderstorms, fireworks and other scary sounds. Using only high-quality, breathable materials that last, our uniquely effective anxiety vest design helps make your pet feel safe and comfortable.

Dog slings and lift harnesses are designed to support your dog and keep her comfortable without straining your neck, arms, shoulders or hips while lifting. They distribute your dog’s weight evenly so you aren’t carrying all their weight with one arm or shoulder. The lift harness should be soft and comfortable on the inside so it doesn’t rub, pinch or scrub your puppy.

If your dog has bad hips, a hip brace may help reduce discomfort and increase mobility. A hip brace for dogs provides support and warm compression to the joints and muscles in the hips and lower back. This eases pain and helps mobility.

Tested & Approved by Veterinarians

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