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Dog Rear Leg Brace [Long Version] With Metal Spring Strips (Pair)


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  • NOTE – This is the long version brace designed for large dogs or dogs with long legs, so the brace runs large. If your pup is small size or has short legs, please consider our short version dog braces.
  • ULTIMATE SUPPORT – There are two metal support strips (removable) in each dog brace, which form a splint to provide strong support and stabilization for dog legs during the injury. The strips can be removed and continue to support after your dog regains mobility.
  • Maintain Stability — Your dog may suffer from injuries related to jumping, walking, running. NeoAlly Dog Metal Spring brace provides assistance to help support and stabilize dog’s legs and relieve the inflammation and maintain your dog’s body balance, save her from future injuries.
  • High Quality — NeoAlly Dog Brace is made of flexible and soft neoprene, which is easy to wear. The metal support strip is inserted into the dog brace, and it doesn’t touch your dog’s skin.
  • Adjustable — Each dog rear leg brace comes with 4 Reflective Velcro Straps that secure the brace in place without moving or sliding down and more importantly provide visibility and safety in the dark
  • Recommended By Vets – This dog brace is made with care to provide strong support to dog and cat rear leg from injuries in torn acl, cruciate ligament, splint and sprain, help in wounds healing, joint pain relief and loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis, and it is highly recommended by Veterinarians
  • Sizing – please refer to the Video and size chart (image left or above) on how to measure and choose the correct size for your dog or cat


NeoAlly dog rear leg braces with metal spring strips are semi-rigid braces for dogs who suffer from limb or injury due to arthritis or aged dogs. The braces also help dogs with torn ACL or CCL, sprains or stains of the canine knee, post-operative support and stabilization of dog rear legs.

The package contain a pair of braces to support both legs. When a dog get hurt to one leg, it is highly likely the other leg will get hurt due to the imbalance caused by the injured leg. Vets recommend to wear braces to both legs.

Our braces are made of soft material to not rub, pinch, or chafe pet’s skin, and the braces are perforated for improved breathability. To be safe, Vets  recommend to check your pet’s skin after wearing the braces. Remove the braces if needed to let your pets’ legs breathe.

NOTE – This is the long version designed for large dogs or dogs with long legs. If your pup is small size or has short legs, please consider our short version dog braces.

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Weight 8 oz



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1 review for Dog Rear Leg Brace [Long Version] With Metal Spring Strips (Pair)

  1. Rachelle Waite

    Best thing and it made me cry

    Gracie Lynn is a rescue. She has severe arthritis because she was running for a year until the rescue was able to catch her. But the vet said that she possibly got hit by a car because when they found her she was injured, her whole right side was injured. Well I’ve had her for almost 5 years now, we’ve done water therapy we’ve done other braces.

    Honestly since I have rescued my baby girl she’s been getting worse and worse, she also pulled BOTH ACLS. SHE HAS NEVER DONE FROG legs like you can see in the photo. Omg these braces are like magic, the picture you see is when I first but her braces on and took her to do her favorite thing, fetch. My god I cried, she was able to run, jump in my car and onto my bed with NO ISSUES. My baby girl has always been able to do everything, so it’s not like she was suffering but I knew she wore out faster than she should. I had TO FORCE HER BACK INTO MY CAR, she was just so happy to be able to run and not hurt. The day after SHE WAS NOT LIMPING LIKE SHE USUALLY DOES.

    If you’re looking to help your older pup to be able to be a puppy again.. THIS IS THE BRACES YOU NEED TO Get.

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