By bringing together the vets, pet owners and the products maker, the preferred provider program is designed to give the full control of treatment back to the hands of veterinarians or any other pets professionals who treat the pets. While the pets get the most benefit of it, the best treatment, the pet owners and vets also receive benefit from this program: product discount for pet owners and profit sharing for vets.

BENEFIT NO. 1:  Vets and Pet Owners Have Sample Products to Try Out On the Pets Before Purchasing

Today, when pet owners bring an ailing pet to the vet, the vet would do the exam and diagnose to determine the problem and the causes. The vet then create a treatment plan and give recommendations on what type of products may help the treatment. From this point on, it is up to the pet owners to find the products from merchants. What products the pet owners finally get and the products work or not all depend on the pet owners and the merchants. The vet who treats the pet is no longer in the loop.

By joining the preferred provider program, the vet has the products on hands (we send a full set of products to the vet after joining the program). The vet knows the ins and outs of the product, and is able to try the product on the pet to make sure it’s good fit and effective before recommending to the pet owner. The pet owner knows where to buy this exact product. This preferred provider program brings the vet, the pet owner, and the products all together to ensure the best treatment to the pet.

Register as Preferred Provider

BENEFIT NO. 2:  Vets Exam and Prove the Products Before Recommend to Pet Owners

Even though the products on this site are either designed by vets or approved by vets, the newly joined vets will still have the opportunity to inspect and approve the products. The vet creates an account and joins the program, and then selects the products for his/her clinic. We will send a full set of each product that is selected to the vet clinic for FREE.

In addition, we will assign a unique provider ID to the vet. This provider ID links the vet to his/her pet owners in our system. When pet owners come to purchase products, they are asked to enter the provider ID. This allows us send promotion coupons to the pet owners so they can use to purchase the products at below market value. The vet uses this ID to login to keep track what products the pet owner get and provide necessary instructions to the pet owners in messaging system (email or text message). The vet can also use this provider ID to enter the system for various reports, including the referral summary.

When a new product is added to the site, a notification is sent to all registered providers for approval. After the vet approval,  a new set of this product is shipped to the vet, again FREE of charge.

BENEFIT NO. 3:  Pet Owners Get the Exact Products at Below Market Price

Because we send our products to vets beforehand, the pet owners, after making the purchase, will receive the exact same products they have tried on at vets’ visit. This eliminates all the inconvenience of product purchasing – incorrect product, wrong size, wrong type, wrong color, etc.

Besides, since we have cut out the middle men, we are able to pass the savings to pet owners by offering deep discount.The pet owners will get high quality products at below market price. We also provide our pet owners incredible customer services. Please refer to our Customer Care program for detail.

BENEFIT NO. 4:  Vets Get Profit from Selling the Products at Zero Costs

By serving the well tested products to the pets, the vets know the pets are getting the best treatment. Any questions that may raised by pet owners in using the products, vets would have an answer. This enables vets and the pet owners always on the same page.

In addition, the vets, who are in this program, get to share the profit from the products selling. Since we cut out the middle men, we can pass on the savings to our partner vets. To make it simple, for each product that pet owners purchase, the corresponding vets will receive at least 10% of the selling price. This percentage can be higher for products that we save more on the cost.

Vets can login to the account to check the order history and retrieve report on the income from each transaction. We will apply NET 60 payment term to send out the earnings to vets.