Rear Leg Hock Braces Ankle Support [Short Version] for Dog and Cat (Pair)


(105 customer reviews)

Uses: Arthritis, Limb Mobility, Stability, Weak Leg Support, Aging Pets, Torn ACL or CCL, Wound Protection, Injury Prevention, Hock Support

Our NeoAlly® Dog Rear Leg Brace for small dogs and cats is made of durable non-rigid materials that are designed to stabilize your dog’s lower back leg joints and bones. Our signature design ensures the braces will not hinder movement, irritate the skin, or slide down your pet’s leg. Hock braces help pets who suffer from weak hind legs (ankles) due to injury, arthritis, age, or other ailments that affect mobility. Recommended by veterinarians.

Key Features & Benefits

  •  Leg braces designed for small dogs and cats (short legs)
  •  Non-Rigid, high-quality durable materials
  •  Stays in place, will not slide down
  •  Comfortable – will not rub, pinch or hurt skin
  •  Adjustable, reflective straps for custom fit
  •  Recommended by veterinarians
  •  30-day money back guarantee


NeoAlly® Dog Hock or Ankle Brace with Medium Support (Small Dogs and Cats)

Does your small dog or cat suffer from a sprained ankle or hock injury? This NeoAlly® Small Dog Rear Leg Brace is the perfect non-rigid hock or ankle brace for your small dog or cat. This type of back leg support will also help pets with knee issues such as a torn ACL or CCL. This model provides medium support and stabilization for your pet’s hock joints and bones so there’s no restriction of movement.

The Best Back Leg Brace for Arthritis in Small Dogs and Cats

The NeoAlly® Back Leg Brace for Small Dogs and Cats provides the joint support needed to offer an effective arthritis treatment for your small dog or cat.  This rear hock brace is designed to stabilize your pet’s bones and lend support to the muscles and tendons of the back leg. It provides joint pain relief and aids with loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis.

If you need stronger stabilization or a splint for your pet’s leg, check out our NeoAlly® Dog Rear Leg Brace with Metal Supports for Small Dogs and Cats.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the short version designed for small dogs and cats with short legs. If you have a large dog, please consider our NeoAlly® Rear Leg Brace for Large Dogs.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

Features & Benefits

  • BE SURE TO PROTECT BOTH LEGS: The package contains two braces (one pair). Veterinarians recommend wearing a brace on each leg because the imbalance is highly likely to cause injury to the unaffected leg.
  • SMALL DOGS & CATS ONLY: This is the short version designed for small dogs and cats with short legs. If you have a large dog, please consider our NeoAlly® Rear Leg Brace for Large Dogs.
  • CAT LEG BRACE SIZING: The size of this leg brace is suitable for cats. Please refer to the video and size chart (image left or above) on how to measure and choose the correct size for your cat.
  • SAFETY: To be safe, veterinarians recommend checking your pet’s skin after wearing the braces. Remove the braces if needed to let your pet’s legs breathe.
  • RECOVERY + PAIN RELIEF + INCREASED MOBILITY: Our NeoAlly® Rear Leg Dog Brace for small dogs and cats is made with care to provide strong support for a pet’s rear leg injuries such as a torn ACL or cruciate ligament (CCL) and sprains. Overall, the leg brace can help wounds heal, provide joint pain relief, and aid with loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST FUTURE INJURY: Your dog may suffer from injuries related to jumping, walking, or running. Our NeoAlly® Dog Rear Leg Brace provides assistance to help support and stabilize your dog’s (or cat’s) hocks and legs. It relieves inflammation and helps maintain your dog’s body balance to save her from future injuries.
  • HIGH QUALITY + COMFORT: This NeoAlly® dog leg brace is made of flexible and soft neoprene, which is easy and comfortable to wear.
  • ADJUSTABLE & SAFE: Our stay-put angle design perfectly matches a dog’s hock to prevent sliding. In addition, each hind leg brace comes with 4 reflective Velcro® straps that secure the brace around the ankle and also provide visibility and safety in the dark.
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: We work with veterinarians to develop comfortable, effective leg braces for your dog or cat. Our NeoAlly® Rear Leg Dog Brace for small dogs and cats is highly recommended by veterinarians.
  • SIZING: Please refer to the video and size chart (image left or above) on how to measure and choose the correct size for your small dog or cat.
  • WARRANTY: All our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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One Pair
With Reflective Straps
Flexible & Adjustable
With Metal Spring Strips
Splint/Brace Combo

FAQs + Learning Center

Arthritis in a dog’s leg or hip joints is a common problem. A dog hip brace or leg brace may offer the stability and support needed to help decrease the arthritic pain and inflammation that occurs when your pet is active. Braces can also help your pet stay mobile.

Arthritis in dogs can develop in all joints of their front or back legs, including elbow, wrist, ankle, knee, hips and shoulder. It’s important to visit your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

If your dog’s inflammation is due to inflammation in the front or rear legs, leg braces can help with the joint pain and loss of stability and mobility.

If your dog has trouble walking or standing, her hips may be the root of the instability. A dog hip brace may help stabilize the hips, reduce discomfort, and increase mobility. A hip brace for dogs provides support and warm compression to the joints and muscles in the hips and lower back. This eases pain and helps mobility.

Braces for Dogs that Can Help with Arthritis Pain

Our NeoAlly® non-rigid leg braces help dogs that suffer from limb weakness or injury due to arthritis or age. They’re highly recommended by veterinarians and provide the much-needed support to help your dog’s joint pain.

Our NeoAlly® Dog Hip Brace will help stabilize your dog’s hips. We work with veterinarians to develop the most comfortable and effective hip braces for dogs. Our design provides the support right at the hip area for the dog so the braces fit perfectly.

Leg and hip braces for dogs can treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, and dysplasia. It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

You should definitely walk your arthritic dog, but there are some things to consider to help keep your pup comfortable and safe. Here are 5 things to consider while walking your arthritic dog …


5 Things to Consider While Walking Your Dog with Arthritis


  1. Be sure to let your dog warm up. Start walking slowly, then walk at your dog’s pace.
  2. Walk for shorter periods of time. Take more short walks instead of fewer long walks.
  3. Pay attention to your dog and look for signs of discomfort.
  4. Keep your dog at a healthy weight.
  5. Consider using a mobility device such as a lift harness or sling … or a leg brace.

Dog Leg braces provide an excellent arthritis treatment option. They offer stability and support which help decrease pain and inflammation when your dog is active. Front and rear leg braces help dogs with the joint pain and loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis.

Dog slings and lift harnesses are designed to support your dog and keep her comfortable without straining your neck, arms, shoulders or hips when you lift. They distribute your dog’s weight evenly so you aren’t carrying all their weight with one arm or shoulder.

Lift harnesses can help your arthritic dog go up the stairs or get into the car. They can also help your dog squat to relieve herself. Slings can also just simply offer extra support and lift while your dog is walking.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

A torn ACL is the most common injury in dogs. The injury requires rest, immobilization and often surgery for repair. A dog knee brace can offer therapeutic support and stabilization before and after surgery, but it’s also useful in cases when surgery is not necessary or feasible.

A Dog Knee Brace is a good way to help treat a torn ACL or CCL, sprains or strains of the canine knee, back leg limping, arthritis, or any injury where knee immobilization is needed. Immobilization of the knee and leg help reduced pain and inflammation and provide support during healing. The brace also offers ideal post-operative support and stabilization.

What are the Benefits of Using a Dog Knee Brace for a Torn ACL?

Your dog can sustain a knee or ACL injury when playing in the yard or just landing incorrectly going down the stairs. This type of injury is painful and makes it difficult for your dog to move around. So, you want the best treatment plan to ensure a speedy recovery. A well-designed dog knee ACL brace will support the injury while it heals and keep your dog comfortable and mobile. It will also help reduce the risk of further injury.


4 Benefits of Using a Dog Knee Brace for a Torn ACL

  1. Increase Mobility

Dog ACL braces make it possible for your dog to continue walking on the injured leg. Your dog can continue going on walks or moving around the yard or home without feeling limited.

  1. Comfort

A dog knee brace will allow your pet to remain comfortable as she begins to heal. While wearing the brace, dogs can easily sleep and perform the same functions as they did prior to the injury. This makes it easy to wear for several weeks or months. Our NeoAlly® Knee Brace can be measured to fit the size of your dog to ensure it fits properly.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Further Injury

Unfortunately, many dogs can continue to injury their leg if they walk on it or don’t have the proper support. A brace will stabilize the limb so the leg can heal at a faster pace.

  1. Dog Knee ACL Brace Instead of Surgery?

In some cases (depending on age or health conditions), you may consider using an ACL brace instead of putting your dog through surgery. Leg braces can help your dog’s mobility if surgery is not an ideal option.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

If your older dog has weak back legs, she could be suffering from arthritis in the leg or hip joints. Dogs are prone to joint inflammation and pain as they age. A dog hip brace or a back leg brace for dogs may offer the stability and support needed to help decrease pain and inflammation when your pet is active.

Arthritis in dogs can develop in all joints of their front or back legs, including elbow, wrist, ankle, knee, hips and shoulder. It’s important you visit your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis.

Front and rear leg braces for dogs help your pet with the joint pain and loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis. Leg, shoulder, and elbow braces for dogs are best to correct problems like limping, collapsing, excessive weight, and laxity. These braces for dogs can treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, and dysplasia.

Our NeoAlly® non-rigid leg braces help dogs that suffer from limb weakness or injury due to arthritis or age. They’re highly recommended by veterinarians and provide the much-needed support to help your dog’s joint pain.

If your dog has trouble walking or standing, her hips may be the root of the instability. A dog hip brace may help stabilize the hips, reduce discomfort, and increase mobility. A hip brace for dogs provides support and warm compression to the joints and muscles in the hips and lower back. This eases pain and helps mobility.

Our NeoAlly® Dog Hip Brace will help stabilize your dog’s hips. We work with veterinarians to develop the most comfortable and effective hip braces for dogs. Our design provides support right at the hip area so the braces fit perfectly.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

Depending on the severity and type of the injury, your dog may need to wear a leg brace for as little as 6 weeks to as much as 3 months. Your vet will be able to tell you how long your dog should wear a leg brace.

Generally, it will take 6 weeks for your dog’s sprained leg to heal. But knee injuries or a torn ACL (CCL) will take longer.

The biggest challenge may be getting your dog to slow down enough to allow the injury to heal. If your dog’s activity level is not decreased, there’s a risk of re-injury or a chronic injury that may require surgery down the line.

Neo Sports Lab has designed a variety of dog leg braces. We have non-rigid braces and braces with metal reinforcements to allow the appropriate level of support to help your dog’s injury heal.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

A dog’s ankle (hock or tarsus) is the most injury-prone part of dog’s body. If your dog has a swollen back leg, it’s likely a hock, ankle or Achilles’ injury. A high-quality dog ankle brace is crucial to help the injury heal and to keep your pet mobile, whether she needs surgery or not.

Dog ankle braces help pets who suffer from weak hind legs, sprained ankles, arthritis, age, or other conditions that affect mobility. They should be made of high-quality materials and soft padding.

About Our Ankle Braces for Dogs

Neo Sports Lab has developed two types of dog ankle braces to protect a dog’s back legs. The non-rigid and semi-rigid models provide different levels of support and are recommended by veterinarians.

Our NeoAlly® Dog Rear Leg Brace is made of durable non-rigid materials that are designed to stabilize your dog’s lower back leg joints and bones. Our signature design ensures the braces will not hinder movement, irritate the skin, or slide down your pet’s leg.

Our NeoAlly® Dog Rear Leg Brace with Metal Supports is made of durable semi-rigid materials that provide strong stabilization for your dog’s lower back leg joints and bones. Our signature design has removable metal strips that form a splint around your pet’s legs while not hindering movement or irritating skin.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.


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      105 reviews for Rear Leg Hock Braces Ankle Support [Short Version] for Dog and Cat (Pair)

      1. PG422

        My ten year old Golden has gotten a bit wobbly lately. I find that these provide good support during our walks.

      2. Jamie Ganzagan

        Was noticing that my 10 year old Pomeranian was losing strength in his hind legs. After putting them on he seems to have a little more pep in his step.

      3. Lucy’s Mom

        My pup has a partial ACL tear and I’m using this brace to take some of the strain off her knee. Even though it is worn on her ‘ankle’, using this bracestabilizes her foot/ankle and supports her as she squats to pee. It also keeps her foot aligned with her knee. This lets her walk more normally and her spine is in better alignment as she walks.

      4. LadySong

        Did not mind wearing them. They really helped him walk much better. I am amazed at what a difference it made in him. He was prancing like a puppy again even with his arthritis. Thank you so much plan to buy a second set so I always have a clean pair for him to where on our walks

      5. Edward WillardEdward Willard

        Really helped in keeping his legs under him from week 17 year old hips. He stays up walking more and seems to not collapse as he did before.

      6. Amazon Customer

        Our vet said our Yorker had torn a muscle. He wouldn’t put weight on his left hind leg. He hobbled on 3 legs. I asked about a brace but the vet said it wouldn’t help. I searched and found this one and purchased it anyway. I felt so sorry for him hobbling. Almost immediately he put down his leg and walks normally with the brace!! I won’t let him go up and down stairs just as a safety precaution. He’s 15 years old. So glad I bought the brace and he’s back to normal, well, almost for an old man!!

      7. Shelby

        These are offering a noticeable improvement for my dog’s sprained hock. She adapted to them after a few hours of dirty looks, but now seems comfortable with them on her legs. She has a sprain on one side, but we use both while she’s exercising, and after. Her favoring/limp after exercise had decreased within just a few days of use.

      8. Kathy Carlson

        Our Westie was having ACL issues on right back side. She was not using leg at all. She was starting to have trouble with opposite side. We tried these and she had a able to walk on both legs on day 2. She is still resting alit but she can place light weight in n right now.

      9. AshAsh

        These were amazing for my 18 year old kitty. She was becoming immobile due to her back legs being cowhocked in old age but these braces helped her get around. They provided her with stability and it seemed like confidence in walking again. She was able to lay down easier, walk up her stairs to her sleeping areas, and get around the house better than she was prior to having these braces. I did find one problem with them though. Over time the velcro edges stuck to things so I would recommend trimming it a little bit if this starts to happen. The small size fit her just right.

      10. sandalqueen

        This item is perfect for my dog. She has arthritis and had trouble standing now with this brace she has more balance. Great product !

      11. Vernice Lash Colley

        I dislike the fact that it doesn’t stay in place on the injured rear leg. There is no profound hock on the injured leg so Its slids down her leg within an hour and I have to keep readjusting the velcro. The brace on the uninjured leg stays in place a lot longer, but eventually it does the same thing. I have a 95lb. Boxer and purchased a LG/XL.I’m thinking I may need a medium size, but don’t want to spend the money, if the size is not the issue.

      12. Susan Lord

        My 15 yo bichon has a torn ACL and the vet put her on antinflammatory and pain meds. She’s been on the meds a couple weeks with slight improvement. I began researching what else I could do for her and found this little brace.Skeptical at first since it’s so small and basically velcro and fabric. We ordered, put it one her and it took a day for her to stop hopping to kick it off. I guess she finally realized it was helping her leg to feel better. She certainly is walking better and slipping less. The only negative is that I’m somewhat disappointed our vet didn’t suggest something like this in the beginning. I plan to show it to her and explain the improvement so others might benefit from the vet suggesting this to them.

      13. Matthew Walsh

        I have a seven pound yorkie…. DVM states she has a instability that will require surgery…$1200 to $5000 to fix. Yes had a hock instability … noodle gait and unable to jump in car floor or into a chair … 7 years old…. Well what the DVM did not know is I do this work on humans ACL PCL meniscus MCL LCL…. So I thought let’s find and try a bilateral brace. Spent $38 and put them onto my dog and Shazam just like my patients ….. much improved gait decreased pain and instability…. But wait it gets better I imposed on her wearing them morning to night for two weeks….. completely corrected gait … jumps now and the hock joint and it’s ligaments appear to have remodeled and she no longer needs support at all…. I put them on here with 2 mile walks only…… purchase them product and see if you can cure or get remission in your animals joint. I caught the issue after about a month I think of noodely gait. Hope this helps everyone including the animals. Regards

      14. Belle

        This is the 2nd pair of braces I purchase for my 6 lb Yorkie. The 1st was a competitor “Agon” which I really loved……..for awhile. The velcro stopped sticking, and closing correctly; causing both braces to stick together with the overlap and my poor dog could not move as her 2 hind legs would stick together:( These are much better made. More sturdy with velcro straps working as they should. Highly recommend!

      15. Rae

        Excellent product….

      16. susan costantino

        Well-made product. My 25-lb. short-legged dog tore her ACL and since she’s 14, I didn’t want to put her through the surgery. I saw in the comments that these braces seemed to help others with ACL issues, even though they don’t cover the knee area. This has been true for my dog as well. They seem to give her stability, and have enabled her to resume her walks (although we keep her walks much shorter now).

      17. Teresa

        My senior dog was limping and I bought this brace. My dog loves jumping off the bed. I love this brace. It’s the first one I’ve had to buy. It was easy to put on him. And he has no problem going up and down the stairs. Also I don’t have to worry when he jumps off the bed now. Thank you so much!

      18. Alan and Emily

        Our 13-year-old English Springer has some back leg issues that led us to discontinue her favorite activity of fetching and put up gates to prevent her from traversing stairs in our home. Since this was not ideal, we decided to try these hock supports in combination with a sling that allows us to lift some weight off her back legs while she climbs stairs. The hock supports are identified as left and right on the interior tags and have a logo at the top on the outside, enabling us to easily align the supports right side up on the correct leg for best fit. Two Velcro straps with reflective material create a snug fit and make our dog more visible in low light conditions. With regular use of the hock supports and the sling, our dog seems to have developed more strength or less pain in her legs and is now able to fetch short distances again without limping.

      19. Yaz

        I got these for my 5lb chihuahua and I didn’t expect them to fit, but they fit really well and they have made a huge difference for my pup. He doesn’t fall over like he used to. If your dog is falling over because of issues with their back legs, I definitely recommend purchasing these.

      20. Amazon Customer

        I was doubtful these would work but from the first second I put them on my 15 year old peke became a puppy again. I didn’t think I’d be able to take them off at bedtime, he loved them so much! I would recommend them – fantastic!

      21. John

        I have a 6 year old female bulloxer (about 80lbs) and she’s already having trouble with her back hocks. 🙁 This gives her the extra help on her long walks around the concrete jungle of brooklyn.

      22. John

        Leg brace works exactly as advertised. We have a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel who has rear leg issues. We put these leg braces on her and they work fantastic. She has more mobility and receives the additional support she needs. Very pleased with product and seller.

      23. mjbmjb

        Dog had minor ACL injury. These really helped her and after wearing for 6 weeks, she was fully recovered. The extra support was just what she needed. The only issue I had was adjusting them so that they were snug enough. Otherwise, these were a God send.

      24. Jean Schlachter

        Thanks for the fast delivery.they help my dogs legs a lot

      25. Sasha Fochtman

        Great help

      26. Aykanush Alexanian

        I like them

      27. Britwit

        These worked better than most for my dog’s torn acl. Problems arise due to variance in length of Velcro. This affects both the fit of the brace and the lifespan as the Velcro ties wear quickly (3-4 wks) when constant adjustment is needed. This has been reported to the manufacturer but I have yet to receive a reply.

      28. Amazon Customer

        Worked when my dog tore his alc.

      29. Facepalm Emoji Model

        My dog had luxating patellas in both hind legs. She was very wobbly but could stand. It took her about an hour to get used to the braces but they really helped to stabilize her. She was able to stand and walk better than she had in weeks. It’s more like a compression wrap than a brace but it really helped a lot. I bought xs for a silky terrier.

      30. Brett

        I think I bought the wrong size… Melody is a 15 year old cockapoo and just this year began having issues with her joints in her hind legs. I didn’t know if this was arthritis in the hips or in the legs. After some research I decided to try the short braces and see if it made any improvement. She tends to have issues standing and I noticed when she turns she sometimes falls over. Received these in the mail today and it only took a minute or two for her to adjust and she seemed like a playful puppy again. At 15! She just went up and down the stairs with ease. I’m amazed. But according to the sizing photos, I like the medium is too big. According to the photos the bottom part should be higher up. I’m undecided on whether to exchange for the small or stay with what works. This dog gets better medical treatment than I do!

      31. Starz

        Seems to be helping my dog on his walks to support a bind leg with arthritis. Still early, will need to monitor & update of indicated. Easy to find and doff. Hope the Velcro lasts.

      32. Meredith

        Great product

      33. Heartlily

        Fit my little girl just fine, good quality materials, provided additional support to her hock joints to make standing and walking easier. She does have a luxation patella, not sure how to relieve that short of surgery. These supports are a bit pricey however, would be nice to have an extra pair or two….

      34. Traci

        Thank goodness for these! They helped my dog’s torn ACL heal without having to have expensive surgery or amputation!

      35. PatrickPatrick

        I can only comment on the fit and quality, because I don’t know for a fact if it does what it says it does.I was impressed with the quality for the money. You receive a two pack and they feel like they’re made out of material that will last. The sizing is very accurate, the fit is great, they aren’t too lose or tight, and my dog actually leaves them on.

      36. Squeaky McMurdo

        The media could not be loaded.

         She had them on for less than 10 minutes in this video and is already using her left rear leg again. I’m crying tears of joy. I’m so happy for my puppy. She’s only a year old and I was so worried about her quality of life as she gets older. Her mom carried her by the leg and it caused her knee to dislocate. The pandemic made it hard to get her in because she wasn’t limping earlier, just favoring it a little from time to time and it wasn’t considered enough of an emergency.

      37. Amazon Customer

        AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!!!! I bought this to replace another company’s product that wore out in 30 days. This are 100 times better and work like a God Sent gift! My senior girl has doggie version of ALS and struggles with rear leg issues . These help so much she lays down and gives her legs and paws to me to have them put on and then is so happy once they are on. They help her pain without a doubt. My vet has now taken the info on these and will be recommending them to other dog owner since she has seen the amazing difference they have made for Bella. They are well made and I also saw they have a GREAT warranty! I would give them 10 STARS if I could!

      38. Sandra

        These are a perfect fit. They have just the right amount of stretch to them. It’s a great value for the money. Most importantly my dog can walk much better while wearing these. I don’t have to help her up and down the stairs now.

      39. Michelle

        I have a small 14 lbs terrier mix (probably mixed with chihuahua) and she has luxating patella on her back leg. I’ve been giving her vitamins which helped but I got this brace to see if it would help her. She would always run with her back leg up. Since we’ve started using the brace, she barely lifts her leg anymore!!! She’s still getting used to having something on her leg, but it doesn’t seem to bother her all that much!!

      40. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

        I was a little skeptical when I purchased it but boy they really work. My Yorkie Poo is 14 years old with a heart murmur, and he got a torn ligament on his right back leg. I can’t have surgery done. He’s on two types of medication to alleviate his pain, but he still could hardly walk until I put the braces on him. He’s able to walk around without his leg giving way. Now goes to backyard and is even able to step up the step to come into the house.Love this product.

      41. meli

        Omggggg!!! Don’t think about it just buy !!! My 12 yes old chiwinie was having a difficult time getting around and even jumping up small, short stairs. First day I put them on I didn’t have to carry her on to the couch something she hasn’t done with such confidence in 2 years… I’m so happy so worth every pennie

      42. LadyFire_Ice

        These braces were a God send for my dog. He had injured his right knee and was having trouble even getting up. I ordered the braces and almost immediately after putting them on my dog was walking again. He had a little bit of a learning curve which only took a few minutes. You could tell he was much relieved and so happy to be mobile again. Really helped his knee to heal quickly. If I hadn’t ordered the braces I think I would still be helping him around with a sling. Thank you for this product. I have no idea what I would have done without them. Highly recommend!

      43. SashaSasha

        Let me first say, these braces have greatly helped my 11yr old hound. Hock joints injuries have started to be a problem this year for him, and these have helped him heal and protect him from re-injury while in longer walks.That being said, the product needs some improvement, especially for almost 30 bucks for one pair. I have included pictures from less than a month’s use.Fallen apart before a wash and my dogs only had these on when walking or in yard playing. So for these to be coming apart less than a month after buying isn’t cool. Need reinforcement sticking around the entire thing. Other than that, works great!

      44. cherokee blue

        I’m sure these are great, but I was only able to use them for one day. What I thought were complications from arthritis turned out to be the final stages of cancer in my dog. It had spread from his liver and spleen into his spine. His back legs became unsteady, so I ordered these to help support him. They arrived the next day. Unfortunately, by the end of that day, he had lost all feeling and mobility in all four legs. That was Sunday. He’s gone now.Thank you for shipping quickly. They were nicely made, and a good fit. He seemed comfortable wearing them.

      45. Amazon Customer

        Our 12 year old chocolate lab has developed arthritis which is also now affecting his hind quarters after being mostly confined to his front legs. The product is simply made but definitely provides stability to his hind legs and helps him in getting up. Good fit with the XL size and easy to get on and off. Appreciative of this product because it provides some help. He’s also on and anti-inflammatory and pain meds. As most labs, he’s still a happy boy, but our walking times are very limited. We are also waiting for organic CBD oil to be delivered as recommended by our vet. Hoping that between this reviewed product and the CBD oil that our dog will have a good quality of life for a good while yet. Otherwise in good shape. Finally, the product is well-made. It’s not supposed to be hard and stiff because it needs to conform to the shape of the leg. Even though it looks simple, it delivers a benefit for our dog.

      46. Global1398Global1398

        The material of the 2 stripes are very bad !The edges are very sharp, they kept scratching my little dog’s feet, his right feet now has 2 cut, I didn’t know until he cried and didn’t want to walk !

      47. Queens Bookworm

        Not sure how to write this review. I bought a size small for my dog and they worked great!! As my other dog was getting older i decided to get her one for support size m in pink. I received xs in gray. Ok mistakes happen. I returned those and reorder the item size m pink, today i received the right color but small! Not sure if the issue is amazon or seller but needless to say am disappointed as the first pair has worked great for my other dog.

      48. Ruby1025

        I have gone through about $200 in leg Supports for my senior Bichon. They don’t last more then 3 weeks. These from NeoAlly seem to hold up double the time. They are worth the cost for my dog to be able to walk a bit longer. I’ll continue to buy if available.

      49. Jan

        The braces have made it possible for my 13 year old Silky Terrier to enjoy her morning walks. She has severe arthritis as well as luxating patellas which became apparent long after we adopted her. She accepted them immediately almost like she knew they would help her. She lives for this walk each day so I am so grateful I found these braces.

      50. curtijcurtij

        Conner, my 12 year old 107 lb. Chocolate Lab, has had a GREAT life thus far… When he could no longer jump, run, go up & down stairs … due to weakening Hip Joints & hind legs, arthritis, etc…. there was a much lesser sense of his natural ‘puppy’ nature. Plus, even though he has always been a ‘larger’ lab @ 87 lbs, his inability to move like he used to, he quickly put on the pounds to a woping 107 lbs!!!I purchased the NeoAlly Dog Hind Leg Braces & with the very 1st use, Conner perked right back up!!!… Wiggling is butt, rapidly wagging his tail in circles, and bouncing up & down wit his front legs… he was just SOOOO HAPPY.. Conner does walk with the BRACES like he’s a ‘drunk old man in a cartoon’ (lol) BUT none the less he is moving MUCH BETTER.We previously had to LIFT Conner up & down our aproxiatimatly 11in high front stoop. NOW, with the BRACES, he gets up & down on his own, landing with both hind legs on the way down & easily lifting himself up on the way up.. never failing to acting like a happy camper that he did it all by himself.He now takes me on walks around the yard & happily lets me know when he would like to go in or lounge in the front yard watching for neighborhood walkers.As expected, with the atrophy in his hind left leg & a less defined leg joint, the brace does slip down quite often. However, Conner actually comes to me every time when the BRACE has fell down. He stands still by himself until i have made the appropriate adjustments & when it seems to ‘feel right’, he walks away in a merry little way.Lastly, if that hasn’t convinced you just how much I think these BRACES are awesome… the other day when laying out in the yard, a couple walked by. BEFORE the braces, he really didnt pay too much attention to his surroundings, let alone that same couple walking on by. It really seemed as though he wanted to get in & out as Quickly as he could so he could get back in & plop himself down to rest his lags.HOWEVER, when the couple walked by a few days ago, he got SO EXCITED, he actually started to TROT..a bit for a moment!! Even though he couldn’t sustain the TROT, his EXCITEMENT for the couple still remained high with PUPPY LIKE movements he had STOPPED all together pryer to the BRACES..For me.. thats what makes it ALL WORTH IT… he’s old, his body is worn down, & things are just harder for him all around… BUT the BRACES goes him a sense of his youth with the way they help him move, supporting his body in the place he needs it & helps him maneuver, even getting a little ‘fancy’ sometimes doing things he hadn’t attempted in quite awhile.Smiles

      51. Juanita Jones

        My poodle is 12 years old and is suffering with arthritis in both back legs.She weighs 20 pounds which is overweight.I ordered these to give her support and they work great.she has no problem wearing them and if she has a really bad day I leave them on at night.They stay inplace well and stay secure.

      52. Verna Sincovec

        Our dog is having rear leg stability issues due to arthritis. These braces provide additional support allowing him to walk better and keep his legs from collapsing. They are easy to put on and take off.

      53. jackie stumpf

        This was for a4# Yorkie she was limping 10 months old so I ordered them fo my friends dog she used them and she would just lay down when they were on then she finally played and 6wks later she’s fine

      54. Hazel Redmon

        Used for small yorkies left hind leg,she will only wear the left one the last order in July the velcro didn’t stick for long, I ask if I could order 2 for left but didn’t get an answer, other than that it helps her leg

      55. Amazon Customer

        I am amazed! My yorkie hurt his back legs while trying to jump out of pool too fast. Typically if you put anything on Teddy (yorkie) like clothes etc. he will just freeze and not move until you remove…not even with a treat. After almost 1 hour of getting these and putting them on, Teddy is able to get around as well as up stairs. At first he did his freeze pose but then gave it a try. Now every morning he rolls over so you can put on his legs (that’s what we call the brace). Very satisfied and just ordered a back up.

      56. Astrida M

        These did not work for my chihuahua unfortunately. I needed them for her stability and the ability to stand up to do her business. Her hips are far worse than we thought. But customer service was excellent for returning.

      57. larry m wong

        Sammie is a 13 years old German Sheperd/ Rot mix breed. She has arthritis complicated with effects from a minor stroke about a year ago. Her arthritis was acting up and because of her equilibrium challenges, she could not walk well. I purchased the NeoAlly Hind Leg brace to help stabilize her hind legs. Along with infrared light treatment and pain meds, she recovered to a point she could walk unassisted again. I think she felt so much better, that she pulled the braces off. It has been a couple of weeks and she is fine as fine can be. The braces helped with her recovery. Thanks!

      58. william whitaker

        We took our 11 year old, 16 pound baby into the vet because she could put no weight on her left back leg. After many xrays, we were told she has severe degenerative disease in her hips and knees. This knee had already been operated on once and he told us more surgery would do no good. He sent us home with pain killers and no hope. I bought these braces as a last resort. I put them on her today for the first time and within minutes, after she got over being mad at me, she was able to bear weight on her back leg for the first time in a very long time. I think these are going to be a literal life saver. They fit well and all in all, she doesn’t seem to mind them. So glad I bought them.

      59. Soni92

        I ordered this for my little yorkie of 6 pounds & XS fit him perfectly. He’s always had problems with his legs & hips. 2 years ago he has leg surgery for his front legs. now, he started limping again, but his back leg & we used this for a couple hours day & it really made a difference for him ! He’s able to walk around the house without lifting that back paw !

      60. silvia

        My chiwawa terrier was limping, about two-three weeks on this, she was good as new!

      61. Kimberly B.

        The product itself is fabulously made. My DOG disliked them greatly, lol. She thought I was punishing her, I’m afraid. We do not use them, however bc they really didn’t help as I hoped they would. They weren’t long enough for her subluxing knee. I believed the advertisement reported that it probably wouldn’t help knees, but it was worth a try to me😬 one never really knows. In fact, the company reached out to me to see if there was another way to help, which was so nice! However, due to other issues at the time, I didn’t get back to them in a timely manner. Totally on me.

      62. BC

        Will be exchanging for a size large. There just a bit too small. With that said. Sampson is a 15 year old american bulldog mix with arthritis. He is loosing traction on our hardwood floors. He seems much more confident walking and has an easier time getting to a standing position from laying down. He is aware of how these braces are helping him and comes to us for adjustments. I’m so pleased with the support they’re giving Sampson. These little braces are a blessing. Give them go!

      63. PK

        This was a reorder for my chihuahua and it works great

      64. Kindle Customer

        Great product! Very well-designed and extremely easy to use. You simply line up the opening (hole) in the brace with the dog’s bone and then just press the brace closed with Velcro. These haven’t slipped at all, and I don’t think they even could. I believe the only way they would ‘slip’ or slide down would be if they were put on in the wrong place. My very elderly dog had no real objection to wearing them – after maybe 5 mins of walking funny. And they are a tremendous benefit in stabilizing her back legs. Just fantastic.

      65. April Ripchick

        Used for my 8 yr old short legged Beagle. Had surgery on torn Rear Left Cruciate ligament. His Right has now torn as well. When first leg was repaired, he was VERY overweight & the repair is not ideal due to his weight. Wanted him at desired weight before we did surgery on other leg. He is a beagle; Food is his LIFE! It has taken us 4+- Hard Years to get his weight down from 47lbs to 30lbs!!! He needs to lose abt 5 more pounds before surgery. He has trouble getting up from a laying down position, getting Up stairs & walking with good stability. These braces have been a great fit for his short legs. He can walk more steady with these on & can’t get them off-He Tries very hard. He doesn’t like wearing them to be honest & will act like he can’t move w/thm on. Open the fridge door & he walks just fine! Cost is abt same if you bought 2 singles. This was really the only ones I could find that were short enough for his legs.

      66. Valerie B.Valerie B.

        These are well made from a basic, simple concept, but the construction seems great; easy to put on and take off. Spent the first several days ensuring her comfort, but now its easy and I know this product makes it easier for my big girl to get around! Kudos!

      67. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

        Took my girl about half a day to get used to these. They seem to help. Her gait is slightly better, and she seems to navigate stairs with more confidence. Had to cut the little tag for the inside that indicated the left and right, so I just used a sharpie to mark them. Very happy with this product. My 13y/o chihuahua is happy too.

      68. Amazon Customer

        I purchased the NeoAlly leg carpal front and hind hock leg braces. They are fantastic!!My 5lb 8 year old papllion/chihuahua has carpal collapse all four legs. I have been wrapping her legs with self stick tape, purchased braces for her legs and the vet said he couldn’t fix the problem. Nothing worked very well until these braces. She is so happy and gets around so much better voluntarily walks instead of waiting to be picked up and carried outside for potty breaks.The company is a delight to deal with. I accidentally ordered a different rear leg braces that were far to large for her though an xs size. I went back onto Amazon to see why they were not fitting and found there are 2 sets of hind hock braces and instead of ordering the one I initially looked at I ordered a different pair. I promptly ordered the other pair and contacted NeoAlly. The NeoAlly customer service representative checked my orders and promptly e-mailed me back that they were refunding the cost of the too large braces.A word of caution to other pet owners about the self sticking wrap. It seems to get tighter after it gets damp then dries causing a possible loss of circulation. I used it under the non NeoAlly braces to keep them from sliding off. The new braces don’t need anything to keep them up. The stretchy neoprene stays up providing support and gentile pressure on her legs. The xs front leg braces and xs rear leg hock braces fit her tiny legs perfectly!

      69. Charlie

        Wonderful and effective product

      70. DTW

        These were great. They give just the right amount of support. If you’re just looking for something to give your dog a little bit more reinforcement these are good. I would really just kind of compare it to Tommy copper. There isn’t a metal reinforcement bar, or a hard plastic splint in these. My only complaint really is that since there is no other side to the Velcro, it attaches directly to the boot. After a while, the boot gets too fuzzy to attach the Velcro to. unfortunately, I have not seen any other boots that don’t have this design. For all the ones that I’ve used, the same thing happens. After a few months, you have to replace it because the boot is too fuzzy to attach the Velcro to.

      71. Momsrule

        I thought these would help my dog learn to walk again after having seizures and not having the ability to use her back legs. After weeks of doggie rehab she has started to walk again! However the shipping was so slow that she was starting to walk before the braces arrived. I do appreciated that there are several pieces of velcro to make adjustments to fit…however these became very distracting for my dog, so we decided that they weren’t what we needed. They may just be what someone else needs, so I am not knocking the product. I think that when your dog is struggling…you just look for any solution that will help.

      72. Lindsey Rodriguez

        Helping my little guy get up and down ramp without leg going out from underneath him.

      73. MsMcSweets

        I have a chiweenie who is 11. She has the dachshund body but the skinny little Chihuahua ankles. Sometimes she pulls an ankle muscle if she jumps wrong. These are great for when her ankle hurts. I like them because they are the only ones I’ve found that fit her properly.She doesn’t like them at all, of course, she acts like i chopped off her legs when I put them on. Until she sees something interesting to bark at, then she forgets she’s wearing them so I know they are comfortable.

      74. henny

        Doesn’t last long. I’ve used them for months now. Save your money and buy a knock off. Not worth it for the price. They care more about their logo than the quality of the velcro. The purpose of these is to support the back leg of injured dogs not to see how long your logo last. Just because this product made it on to shark tank doesn’t mean it should be priced for an arm. I would be happy with the purchase of the velcro didn’t suck.

      75. Amazon Customer

        Simple to use and inexpensive. My dog tore his first ACL several weeks ago and was about 50% towards a recovery from it. Unfortunately his second ACL tore several days ago and he was unable to function in taking care of his personal needs. He just didn’t have the strength or stability. Going from 100% / 50% strength to 10%/50% was too much. I went to the braces and he is functional now with only some additional help. They have given him a sense of normalcy he was far from having without them. He walks a bit stiffly but he does not fight them or try to remove them. Unusual because most every bandage or anything else we put on him he has normally fought. I couldn’t be happier with the help they provide.

      76. gustavo valdes

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         Estabilidad y comodidad!

      77. Debbie West

        My medium size dog lets me put them on and take them off with no problem.She walks better and I see improvement

      78. scott redenbaugh

        I really hate buying things on line, seems like I’m 99% disappointed when I get the product BUT these things do work for my 12 year old lab!!

      79. michael a ridpath

        does not bother my dog at all and gives him the stability he needs

      80. Linda Roche

        Although it was late getting here, which is common lately the supports are excellent. My dog has limited stability due to 4 ruptured vertebrae in her neck. This brace gave her the stability to go outside and back inside without falling…I would buy it again

      81. MarcusMiller6158

        Took our 13yr old dog to the vet thinking she had hip issues due to her declining ability to go up/down the stairs in our house. Vet mentioned that her kness were popping in/out of place. Nothing serious or bad enough for immediate attention but something that was happening. I ended up finding these online and decided to give it a shot. It was a bit of an ordeal getting them on our dog but once they were on she was running around like she was a young dog again. I know that as she gets older these will become less effective but it’s nice to see that these help her feel better while on walks/runs. After having them for a month or two she has gotten use to us putting them on/off of her and it’s not that big of a deal anymore. We ended up buying a 2nd pair to have as a backup.

      82. carolbea

        I really find that my almost 14 year old dog is really benefiting from these braces. It was such a lucky find for us. They are great. Sometimes I have to adjust them a little but wonderful.

      83. lydia lopez kearney

        My poor old dog has been in a lot of pain and her overall quality of life has been declining. She has several health problems, but for mobility, her rear has been so sore and she’s been having problems getting up, and being steady on those back legs.The braces arrived about an hour ago. She’s got a great big smile on her face and seems so much more relaxed. She got up without any struggle to go get water. Then she walked over to my husband, smiling and looking so happy!I asked if she had to go out. She walked to the back door and when I opened the door, she RAN to the grass!!!! She hasn’t run in well over a year! Her tail is up and she’s making these happy snorkel noises that she makes.This literally was instant. I’ve worked with dogs all of my life. I have never seen a product work instantly like this. It really is a miracle.Oh – FYI – she was so unsteady on her feet that yesterday, she fell over into my pool and almost drowned. That’s why I tried to find something to help her.THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!!Thank you so much!

      84. Monica H.

        These did exactly what I had hoped, stabilized her leg so we could heal I would highly recommend them.she never tried to take them off so they must be extremely comfortable

      85. Brandy ThornsberryBrandy Thornsberry

        My 5.6kg pomeranian has a complete tore acl in her right knee and a partle torne in her left and due to her being almost 15 years old surgery wasnt a option, but after they braces she was able to walk again and even got up and down the steps to go pee outside. She hated it at first but after 30 min with it on she was like a puppy doing zummies threw the house. Saved me $6000 on double knee surgery and a life of pain for her.

      86. MB

        There was a time when you A. paid a huge amount for orthopedic surgery for a bad ACL tear and then therapy, confinement, etc. B. Paid for a custom made brace at several hundred dollars and they deteriorate after a while. My bichon shredded his knees so badly that the vet said everything was mush, but did thumbs down on surgery as he said arthritis would come in, surgery or not. That was just showing up at age 8 and I ordered a set of these after reading the reviews. Using it just on the worst one right now. But he is up on his hind legs more and trotting and overdoing it again so it has to be helping the instability. He feels better and I work harder throwing the ball more. Great deal for the dog and my wallet. I think this would have been so helpful when it first happened or for those dogs who have had the surgery as they recuperate. What is there to lose? At this price my opinion is, nothing.

      87. Kathy O.Kathy O.

        Lucy will have X-rays next week for what’s likely a luxating patella in her right rear leg. These hock supports definitely help her enjoy her walks—no more kicking her leg up every few steps. They’re easy to put on and take off—and she got used to them in less than a minute! For reference, she weighs approx. 16 lbs and is wearing sz. small. I’m extremely happy with this purchase!Follow-up: The new vet said it’s not a joint problem; could be old nerve damage. In addition to therapy, these braces are still helping her enjoy her walks.

      88. Smart Cookie

        My 14-year old beagle/bassett/spaniel tore his meniscus a month or so ago and our vet recommended knee braces. I know how painful bad knees are (having just receive a total knee replacement in my right leg), so anything I could to help him out would be worth it. My dog loves wearing his “socks” and he was better within a couple of weeks. We keep his braces on throughout most of the day, but take them off at night when he’s sleeping. I was a bit skeptical, but they really work, and Muggs gives us no trouble whatsoever while putting them or taking them off. Makes me believe he knows they work, too.

      89. ysiad

        This is the first brace I ever bought for my dog, his back ankle gives out and moves from side to side when he walks. He’s been having pain while walking up and down the stairs and jumping on the couch. He hated when I put it on, but wasn’t resistant afterwards as he realized it helped him. I suppose it made his leg feel more stable. However, the top velcro should be longer than the lower velcro, as on every dog this part of the leg is larger than under the ankle. It was a perfect fit on the bottom part, but the top velcro barely wrapped around and continued to get undone, resulting in the velcro getting stuck in his hair. If I got the size up, the lower part would have been too big and it would be all useless in maintaining stability. Too expensive for such a basic design flaw.

      90. Kira

        I have an older dog with a weak rear. She can still walk on her own, but she often tripped over her own feet or her legs would slide and cause her to fall while drinking water or eating. The vet simply told us as she was getting older, she was ‘forgetting’ how to use her back legs.I wanted to find something to help her walk a little better. At some point, I got her socks because I thought it was the hard wood floors messing her up. They only helped a little and all the socks I found were still too big for her little pays. A doggie wheelchair was too much. After some reading, I came across these braces. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to help her much, but to my surprise this wasn’t money wasted! I suppose I’m just not good at understanding dog anatomy and what needed support.She’s stumbling a LOT less now and can stand and drink/eat with no issues. It’s only been about 2 days so far, but I think even she notices the difference. She walks around the house with a lot more confidence. It makes me happy.I mean, I know her time is coming soon… but at least she’ll have more time to be herself for a while.

      91. Nonna Khinich

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         I am very pleased with these braces. My dog, blue nose pit bull is 13 years old. He torn his ligament on his rear left leg and he could not walk independently without help of the sling. He is about 100 lb and he had trouble walking a few feet even with the help of sling. First, I bought for him brace only for one leg. But when I read that his other leg needs support as well, I bought two and I am glad I did. It helps my dog to walk more secure and he does not limp as heavily as before (the video is attached). He even can go down seven stairs from my appartment independently but still needs help to climb up the stairs. In general, I am very happy with result. Thank you very much.

      92. mona kaye mcnemar

        The brace is easy to put on and gives her the support she needs. Although she knows how to pull it off.

      93. Mack B.

        Attaches easily. However I didn’t purchase for joint support, rather to keep my 110lb Dobie from getting calluses when he lies down on hard surfaces. Worked fine, but the abrasive stitching on the neoprene opening in the rear of the brace caused sores that opened due to wearing it. I eventually had to cut out the stitching causing the problem. This made extra room for the affected area as well. Works fine now. Pads the exposed hock and doesn’t cause sores from wearing it when indoors, which is most of the time.*No need for the stitching at the elbow opening – cause of issues in my case. Everything else ok.

      94. Maria H. Los Angeles

        Let me begin by saying my 10 year old border collie (65 lbs.) was experiencing pain in his rear leg. He couldn’t go up the stairs or even get up after resting. We decided to buy these brace wraps and let me tell you, they are absolutely amazing. He’s running all over the place with no discomfort whatsoever. We have our “puppy” back again. Thank you so much for the product. I totally recommend it and so does our border collie.

      95. Brittany Miner

        These hock holders really helped our puppy when he sprained his hock joint. They are easy to put on and take off and offer the proper amount of support. We made sure to monitor our pup while he was wearing them to make sure they were fitted properly and to make sure he didn’t try to chew them off (he only tried to get them off the first time but not after he got used to them). Overall very satisfied with this product.

      96. Linda

        My 9 year old toy poodle has arthritis in her back legs. She often limps or one or both legs “give out”. These seem to really help, especially on our potty walks.

      97. Rosanna Tran

        So glad to have this for my puppy

      98. Tammy V.

        Perfect fit for my Chihuahua!

      99. Nancy Battaglia Frankmano

        These wraps are great. My 14 year old has weak back legs and they give him the extra support he needs. I put them on in the morning, and take them off before we go to bed. My furkid doesn’t mind having them on at all, and i saw the difference right away.

      100. Shan M

        Bought an extra small for my Yorkie who has a strain on his back leg. I was very hesitant about getting any type of brace due to my dog’s “feisty” attitude and unwillingness to wear anything but a single type of shirt/jacket (he’s very picky). Even with the long length of hair he has, I was able to get the brace on and secure without any issue and he had not tried to remove it at all. Win for all. Great product.

      101. Trent Coles

        XS size is a great fit for my chihuahua.Very adjustable and easy to fit.

      102. MonicaMonica

        My short dog weighs 25 lbs with little chicken legs , so I bought a size small & it fits perfect ! I bought the short size.This seems comfortable on him too. He has arthritis in his back legs & it helps alot .

      103. John GiovanniJohn Giovanni

        I ordered the XS size and they fit perfectly.It only took Maggie a few minutes and she was up and about and a very happy girl again.She suffers from severe arthritis in her hock joint and also has luxating patellas in both of her back legs.Maggie has an enlarged heart and a grade 6 of 8 heart murmur so she is not a candidate for surgery as per her age(10+years) and her health. These supports are the best thing we can do for her giving her more mobility than she has had since she injured her legs 3 weeks ago.Highly recommend for your loved pet in need of some relief.


        Have been using these on my 71 lb Akita mix for about a week now. She favors her rear right leg and we are not sure why. This has been going on for at least six months or so and favoring turns into limping on a very active day.Extensive x-rays have shown this is not a bone, joint, or spinal related issue. We suspect a soft tissue injury. Possibly involving tendons and ligaments near the lower hock area.We have noticed that, while she is wearing these braces, she is more willing to bear weight on her right rear leg and she is able to move with a more normal stride. This coupled with making sure she is wearing them during very active periods(she is a major squirrel chaser, ball fetcher, and chases her sister on a constant basis) has shown us that these braces were a good investment for us and certainly a support help for her!They are very easy to put on and remove, they can remain on for long periods of time(she has worn them for better then eight hours at a time with no adverse effect) and the reflective tape is an added benefit when walking her after dark. Very happy I made this purchase! Thanks for making these available!

      105. Victoria KimbleVictoria Kimble

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