Front Leg Carpus Wrist Braces for Dog and Cat (Pair)


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USES: Arthritis, Aging Pets, Carpal Support, Ligament Injury, Sprain, Wound Healing, Joint Pain Relief, Stability, Wrist Support.

Our NeoAlly® Front Leg Brace is made of durable non-rigid materials that stabilize your pet’s forearm joints and bones. We’ve designed our front leg supports to ensure they won’t restrict movement, slide down your pet’s leg, or irritate the skin. Wrist braces help pets who suffer from weak front legs due to arthritis, age, or other ailments that affect mobility. Recommended by veterinarians for dogs and cats.


Key Features & Benefits

  •  Non-Rigid, high-quality durable materials
  •  Stays in place, will not slide down
  •  Comfortable – will not rub, pinch or hurt skin
  •  Adjustable, reflective straps for custom fit
  •  Recommended by veterinarians
  •  30-day money back guarantee


NeoAlly® Dog Front Leg with Medium Support to Help Heal Injuries and Ease Pain

Does your dog suffer from a sprained front leg injury or other condition that affects her ability to walk? Our NeoAlly® Dog Front Leg Brace is the perfect non-rigid front leg or wrist brace for your dog or cat. This type of leg support will help dogs that have injuries such as a sprained front leg (wrist) or joint pain resulting from arthritis.

The Best Dog Front Leg Brace for Arthritis

The NeoAlly® Front Leg Brace provides the joint support needed to offer an effective arthritis treatment for your dog or cat.  This non-rigid carpal dog brace is designed to stabilize your pet’s forearm bones and lend support to the muscles and tendons of the carpus and front leg. It provides joint pain relief and aids with loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis.

The Dog and Cat Leg Braces that Help Keep Your Pet Mobile

This non-rigid model provides medium support and stabilization for your pet’s front leg joints and bones and there is no restriction of movement.

If you need stronger stabilization or a splint for your dog’s leg, check out our Dog Front Leg Brace with Metal Supports for Dogs and Cats.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

Features & Benefits

  • BE SURE TO PROTECT BOTH LEGS: The package contains two braces (one pair). Veterinarians recommend wearing a brace on each leg because the imbalance is highly likely to cause injury to the unaffected leg.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an elbow brace.
  • SAFETY: To be safe, veterinarians recommend checking your pet’s skin after wearing the braces. Remove the braces if needed to let your pet’s legs breathe.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST FUTURE INJURY: Your dog may suffer from injuries related to jumping, walking, or running. Our NeoAlly® Dog Front Leg Brace provides assistance to help support and stabilize your dog’s front legs. It relieves inflammation and helps maintain your dog’s body balance to save her from future injuries.
  • HIGH QUALITY + COMFORT: This NeoAlly® dog leg brace is made of flexible and soft neoprene, which is easy and comfortable to wear.
  • ADJUSTABLE & SAFE: Our stay-put design provides a custom fit for your dog’s leg and won’t slide down. Each front leg brace comes with 4 reflective Velcro® straps that secure the brace in place and also provide visibility and safety in the dark.
  • RECOVERY + PAIN RELIEF + INCREASED MOBILITY: This front leg brace for dogs and cats is made with care to provide strong support for your pet’s front leg injuries and sprains. Overall, the leg brace can help wounds heal, provide joint pain relief, and aid with loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis.
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: We work with veterinarians to develop comfortable, effective leg braces for your dog or cat. Our NeoAlly® Dog Front Leg Brace is highly recommended by veterinarians.
  • SIZING: Please refer to the video and size chart (image left or above) on how to measure and choose the correct size for your dog or cat.
  • WARRANTY: All our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

FAQs + Learning Center

Arthritis in a dog’s leg or hip joints is a common problem. A dog hip brace or leg brace may offer the stability and support needed to help decrease the arthritic pain and inflammation that occurs when your pet is active. Braces can also help your pet stay mobile.

Arthritis in dogs can develop in all joints of their front or back legs, including elbow, wrist, ankle, knee, hips and shoulder. It’s important to visit your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

If your dog’s inflammation is due to inflammation in the front or rear legs, leg braces can help with the joint pain and loss of stability and mobility.

If your dog has trouble walking or standing, her hips may be the root of the instability. A dog hip brace may help stabilize the hips, reduce discomfort, and increase mobility. A hip brace for dogs provides support and warm compression to the joints and muscles in the hips and lower back. This eases pain and helps mobility.

You should definitely walk your arthritic dog, but there are some things to consider to help keep your pup comfortable and safe. Here are 5 things to consider while walking your arthritic dog …


5 Things to Consider While Walking Your Dog with Arthritis


  1. Be sure to let your dog warm up. Start walking slowly, then walk at your dog’s pace.
  2. Walk for shorter periods of time. Take more short walks instead of fewer long walks.
  3. Pay attention to your dog and look for signs of discomfort.
  4. Keep your dog at a healthy weight.
  5. Consider using a mobility device such as a lift harness or sling … or a leg brace.

Dog Leg braces provide an excellent arthritis treatment option. They offer stability and support which help decrease pain and inflammation when your dog is active. Front and rear leg braces help dogs with the joint pain and loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis.

Dog slings and lift harnesses are designed to support your dog and keep her comfortable without straining your neck, arms, shoulders or hips when you lift. They distribute your dog’s weight evenly so you aren’t carrying all their weight with one arm or shoulder.

Lift harnesses can help your arthritic dog go up the stairs or get into the car. They can also help your dog squat to relieve herself. Slings can also just simply offer extra support and lift while your dog is walking.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

Generally, it will take 6 weeks for your dog’s sprained leg to heal. The biggest challenge will probably be getting your dog to slow down enough to allow the injury to heal. If your dog’s activity level is not decreased, there’s a risk of re-injury or a chronic injury that may require surgery down the line.

A veterinarian may recommend a leg brace for your dog to help support the injury while it heals. Dog leg braces offer stability and support for the leg. This helps decrease pain and inflammation when your dog is active and speeds up the healing process. Leg braces are very useful for injured or recovering dogs.

NeoAlly has designed dog braces for the front and rear legs. If your dog has sprained her front leg or wrist, for example, our NeoAlly® Dog Front Leg Brace can be used to support the leg but still allow your pet significant mobility. We have non-rigid braces and braces with metal reinforcements to allow the appropriate level of support to help your dog’s injury heal.

How Do You Know if Your Dog has a Sprained Leg?

The most common sign of a sprained leg on your dog is swelling at the affected site. Muscular sprains develop due to activities that cause accidental damage to the joints or cartilage. A sprain may occur if the dog accidentally slips or plays rough outdoor games. Dog leg braces can help support the wounded leg and reduce swelling.

4 Symptoms of a Dog’s Sprained Leg

  1. Limping and favoring one leg over the other
  2. Swelling or redness of joints
  3. Lameness
  4. Swollen paws

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

If your dog has sprained her wrist, your vet may recommend a front leg brace to help support the injury while it heals. A dog wrist brace offers stability and support for the leg. This helps decrease pain and inflammation when the dog is active and speeds up the healing process. Your vet may also suggest other modalities to help the injury heal.

If you think your dog has a sprained wrist, it’s important to see your vet as soon as possible. Sprains are categorized into 3 grades based on severity of the injury. If the injury is less serious, your vet may suggest anti-inflammatory medication, rest, and lower activity. If the injury is severe, your vet may recommend surgery. If surgery isn’t a good option, a dog wrist brace may be used to help the injury heal.

Generally, it will take 6 weeks for your dog’s sprained leg to heal. The biggest challenge may be getting your dog to slow down enough to allow the injury to heal properly. If your dog’s activity level is not decreased, there’s a risk of re-injury or a chronic injury that may require surgery down the line.

Our NeoAlly® Dog Front Leg Brace can be used to support your dog’s sprained wrist and still allow significant mobility. We have non-rigid braces and braces with metal reinforcements to allow the appropriate level of support to help your dog’s injury heal.

How Do You Know if Your Dog has a Sprained Wrist?

The most common sign of a sprained wrist on your dog is swelling at the affected site. Muscular sprains develop due to activities that cause accidental damage to the joints or cartilage. A sprain may occur if the dog accidentally slips or plays rough outdoor games. Dog wrist braces can help support the wounded leg and reduce swelling.

4 Symptoms of a Dog’s Sprained Wrist

  1. Limping and favoring one leg over the other
  2. Swelling or redness of joints
  3. Lameness
  4. Swollen paws

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

Depending on the severity and type of the injury, your dog may need to wear a leg brace for as little as 6 weeks to as much as 3 months. Your vet will be able to tell you how long your dog should wear a leg brace.

Generally, it will take 6 weeks for your dog’s sprained leg to heal. But knee injuries or a torn ACL (CCL) will take longer.

The biggest challenge may be getting your dog to slow down enough to allow the injury to heal. If your dog’s activity level is not decreased, there’s a risk of re-injury or a chronic injury that may require surgery down the line.

Neo Sports Lab has designed a variety of dog leg braces. We have non-rigid braces and braces with metal reinforcements to allow the appropriate level of support to help your dog’s injury heal.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

The front leg is a common joint for dogs to sprain. Leg sprains can be caused by a hard landing or overzealous exercise. If you think your dog has a sprained front leg or wrist, it’s important to see your vet as soon as possible.

Sprains are categorized into 3 grades based on severity of the injury. If the injury is less serious, your vet may suggest anti-inflammatory medication, rest, and lower activity. If the injury is severe, your vet may recommend surgery. If surgery isn’t a good option, a dog front leg brace may be used to help the injury heal.

Generally, it will take 6 weeks for your dog’s sprained leg to heal. The biggest challenge may be getting your dog to slow down enough to allow the injury to heal. If your dog’s activity level is not decreased, there’s a risk of re-injury or a chronic injury that may require surgery down the line.




How Do You Know if Your Dog has a Sprained Front Leg?


The most common sign of a sprained front leg on your dog is swelling at the affected site. Muscular sprains develop due to activities that cause accidental damage to the joints or cartilage. A sprain may occur if the dog accidentally slips or plays rough outdoor games. Dog wrist braces can help support the wounded leg and reduce swelling.

4 Symptoms of a Dog’s Sprained Front Leg

  1. Limping and favoring one leg over the other
  2. Swelling or redness of joints
  3. Lameness
  4. Swollen paws

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.


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      150 reviews for Front Leg Carpus Wrist Braces for Dog and Cat (Pair)

      1. Tony O.

        Pretty expensive but does its job

      2. Dobierescue

        Great support for the joint of my dog

      3. B Johnson

        Like the reflections, doesnt rub dogs skin, lightly compresses for conforming support without immobilizing completely. Im an occupational therapist who is particular on orthotic options. This helps compress my 13 year old lab’s arthritic “wrists” on front legs where she is arthritic without inmobilizing so much that it affects her walking pattern. Would buy again.

      4. Creole

        I’m giving this item 3 stars because the smallest one did not Fit my 5 pound Toy Fox Terrier. They kept sliding down his legs.

      5. Brad L

        They are good to help my dog to be able to move from his joint pain. 4 start because the smallest is still a little big for him.

      6. Charity smith

        They fit comfortably in my dogs legs

      7. Mary O.

        Helps my dog to walk with out as much pain

      8. Buncey95

        Measured more than once using guide on description, ordered right size as per description but they are still a bit big. The sturdiness and support isn’t great either, total waste of money for me and no returns available, AVOID and go with product that has return as there are loads

      9. Snow Shoe

        Our Siberian Husky is in between sizes. We got the smaller size as her legs are thin. The bottom Velcro is a little too short to stay closed once it’s a little worn, but we think the bigger size would be too big. Also, we would like to have a longer option for dogs like ours who have long, thin legs. That being said, these braces have really helped with her doggie carpal joint issues.

      10. Lolita

        They work really good! I bought a different brand in the the past and they just slid off my dog’s skinny little legs. Unlike this NeoAlly, they pretty much stay on my dog’s legs the entire time, even during our walk.

      11. Nutsfordogs

        I recently adopted a petite 14 year old female beagle mix girl, and for an unknown reason, her front legs, particularly her left one, was crooked, and bens outward when she walks on it. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but the vet suggested trying a leg brace to help to keep it straighter. I purchased the NeoAlly Front Leg Support, which came in a twin set. I did have to re-position the velcro strip that the outside bottom strip attaches to, because she is a tiny girl, and it didn’t fit snug enough. It works great now. It’s soft and bendable, and she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it.

      12. Elida FrancoElida Franco

        Very helpful to my baby cat.

      13. James Parker

        Thank you

      14. Ellie

        So the chihuahua I got these for, is just a bit too short and stubborn to let me put these on correctly (hes is totally my kid). But other than that, they are good braces, just not for super short stubborn dogs. But on on good note, they fit my other chihuahua who’s taller (he also needed a pair). So it worked out in the end. If it was maybe an inch shorter it would fit perfectly, it’s really just the top rim. It’s a bit thicker, so my short chihuahua doesn’t like it around his elbow. But it’s okay, I deal with short people problems so I get it.

      15. Amazon Customer

        This braces are really good! They are easy to use and they are helping my dog a lot with arthritic and hyper extensions problem … love them

      16. Amazon Customer

        Great product


        I bought the braces for my 3 lbs chihuahua who has a hyper extension of her paws. The braces are too big for small dogs or cats (I have a cat as well). The braces make walking very uncomfortable. I would not recommended this product for small dogs or cats


        I loved the braces and my dog loves them..i bought the wrong size and you guys helped me get the perfect size..Thank u so much

      19. MFHorn2

        We tried another sleeve/brace first and although well designed, the velcro wore out in 3 weeks. This one stays in place and the velcro has serious grip.

      20. darbymar

        This product has helped my dog whose arthritis in his entire right leg makes it too painful for him to put weight on the foot. He is able to use his right leg when he wears this.I bought a size too large for him, but since he needed it right away, I used the size I ordered and received.

      21. Marjorie Cain

        These are very nice and will work just fine for our girl.

      22. Khiari

        The media could not be loaded.

         I got this because my newly adopted cat has hyperextension in her front paws from what we think was a high fall. I’ve noticed it helps her to jump down from heights, keeps her legs in the correct form, it just gets on her nerves a lot so I only have it on for a few hours at a time.

      23. Amazon Customer

        Great product. I adopted Chloe very short of being euthanized. She had been caged all her life and abused with missing part of her left front paw. Upon putting her braces on, I immediately saw a decrease of left leg favoring and she was running and playing. I will continue to order this product for any future needs. I am so happy that the braces are working for her!!

      24. Linda

        Suggested by our vet for our Border Collie as front wrist support for ligaments.She wears them and they have helped when walking

      25. Amazon Customer

        my dog has a sore leg that’s getting worse with age, i had to find him some kind of support. now i tell him he has to put on his leg brace before going outside and he wags his tail knowing it helps. my only complaint is that it does ride down the leg and it’s supposed to stay above the dewclaw. still worth the purchase

      26. Cathy Pool

        My dog has arthritis in his front legs and these supports seemed to help him.At least he seems more careful walking around with them on.

      27. MeItIs

        Got it for my labradoodle.He has ligament damage in front left paw so this helped immobile or discourage unnecessary movement, till he went for surgery

      28. Misty J. Sutton

        I have a 20 pound Boston terrier that has terrible arthritis in her front paws which causes knuckling and gives her trouble walking. I bought a pair of these (XS) for her and she is so much more confident walking around! She is now able to keep her feet steady without knuckling. This, in combination with her adequan shots, is starting to really help her. I’m grateful that I decided to buy them.

      29. Amazon Customer

        Great quality product, works very well to stabilize my dogs front legs! Fast shipment!

      30. Amazon Customer

        These work really well on my dog, who is very rough when he plays. They don’t fall off and the velcro is strong.

      31. CapeCod

        We had constant problems with our dog, a female Samoyed, getting her front legs torn up when chasing squirrels through the briars. Next she would constantly lick the wounds making them worse. These were good for helping the healing with gauze and antibiotic ointment underneath. Now we use them as protection, preventing injuries. The quality is very good. They are well made ant the pink is a good girly color for here. Would buy again.

      32. OrangeOctopus

        My dog is extremely active, but also very picky about what is one him. This brace has been the only one he has ever tolerated and even seems to enjoy wearing it when his wrist is giving him trouble. It is lightweight and durable. Highly recommend it for all those touchy pups out there!

      33. T.J.

        Works great – using for support of sore front leg. Very good quality and stays in place – small was the perfect fit for our 15 pound Maltese. He appears to like it better and is more comfortable with it than the first-aid bandage wrap I was using initially.

      34. Helen Ben maor

        Really helpful

      35. DianaBanana

        These dog leg wraps have just the right stretch, thickness, size of hook & loop fastener, and length. They are well constructed and easy to clean. I have not had a problem with them slipping off my dog’s leg, even was he runs. The area between the two hook & loop fasteners allows for a bit of flexion of the ankle joint providing a normal stride. If you are purchasing these to provide gentle support for your dog’s forelegs, they should be effective. I bought them to cover a hairless area that my dog licks at, that I previously had covered with a bandage. My dog hasn’t been able to remove the leg wrap on his own, he doesn’t chew at it or seem to mind wearing it, and the area is healing and regrowing hair. So, just right.

      36. Andrew

        I have a very active and energetic 2 year old Border Collie who lives for her tennis balls. We play hardcore fetch every day and she loves it. Recently I noticed after our play sessions my dog’s carpal pads would be raw and bleeding. I’m assuming it’s because she runs really fast and does crazy jumps when we’re playing so her carpal pads were probably touching/scraping on the ground when she landed or tried to slow down. I tried using Vet Wrap to wrap the carpal pads prior to playing fetch as protection, but they wouldn’t stay on for too long. After doing some research and taking a break from Fetch so my dog’s carpal pads could heal, I found these and decided to order them. Today we used them for the first time and they stayed on the entire time we played fetch, which was really impressive considering the crazy runs and jumps my dog likes to do when we play. Most importantly, the leg bracers kept my dog’s carpal pads protected and injury free. After we were done playing, I removed the leg bracers and my dog’s carpal pads looked intact! What a relief!!! It broke my heart having to keep my girl from playing fetch because I know how much she loves it, but I didn’t want her to keep getting injured. These leg bracers are a life saver for us! I’m so happy and relieved I can play fetch with my dog for however long she wants without worrying about her carpal pads. They stay on and are very flexible, my dog didn’t mind them and acted as if she didn’t have anything on which is amazing!! So far this has worked perfect for us and our needs. I’ll be using these daily and will update this review regarding its durability once we get to use them more. I’m hoping they last because so far this has been the only thing that has worked for us.

      37. Amazon Customer

        This product works wonders in my basset hound.

      38. ICARRY66

        Would be a great product if small enough for my Yorkie. A tad too big! Easy to put on and very durable material and Velcro.

      39. misscris4

        The construction of these is good and they otherwise seem like a good product in terms of the device itself. But my arthritic dog would not wear them, and walked like a total weirdo when I put them on – so much that I was afraid he’d trip/stumble and hurt himself. Good concept if you have a dog that is more tolerant of something like this.

      40. koalas4me

        Our dog started limping, possible due to arthritis, and decided to try a split on her to help stabilize the joint. Our dog didn’t like it, was a fiasco to get it on and it never seemed right once it was on. Split seemed to slip when walking and one couldn’t stop to fix it, only could leave it or take it off. If looking for a split would recommend getting one with support. She is still limping, but I think she just landed wrong when jumping or having zoomies. Don’t waste your money on something cheap, ask your vet for recommendations and make sure it has support.

      41. Estrella

        It supports the dog and more importantly it gives additional confidence to take a step. Good grip.

      42. CN

        These are a really good quality, and easy to use. Although they didn’t work for my needed purpose, I would recommend them for someone who needs a brace for their dog.

      43. GLP

        Originally they were a saving grace for my dog. After two months one of them stretched out so badly that it is now unusable. Didn’t spend $30 for 60 days worth of usage.

      44. Debra Hockenberry

        My dog quit limping as much after just using once, couldn’t believe is. She wasn’t putting weight on her front leg but this seemed to stabilize it & she started walking on it

      45. diana

        They work decent,but arent as stiff as I thought they would be

      46. JC

        Like how easy to put on, velcro is super strong and durable..

      47. Webtrader

        I purchased a set of the XS size for my Shiba Inu. It fits snugly and doesn’t slide. Made of a neoprene/nylon material, these braces are still flexible but they definitely do restrict the range of joint motion and provide support. I would consider this product to be a compression wrap as opposed to a brace.

      48. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

        I used this product for my puppy. She is 16 weeks and need extra support on one her legs. I originally got an extra small but that price to be to small . When I contacted the company they were absolutely fantastic about helping me get the correct size and get it delivered in a timely fashion. For sizing s/m was correct she was 5 in around her leg and about 5 in length.

      49. LC

        Fits well and good quality!

      50. Amazon Customer

        Great for our Yorker

      51. Sarah Woodrick

        Watch sizes

      52. dawn webb

        My fur baby has every orthopedic issue out there. Spondylosis, hip dysplasia, arthritis, torn ACL and rickets. Her front legs are bowed and she is pigeoned toed. After just minutes she stopped walking funny and checking them out. I was shocked her legs & paws were so much straighter. She was getting around so much better. Im going to get the back ones too help with ACL also they are sooooo cute

      53. Sano9to5

        We got these for our 12 yo lab that had started “dancing” stepping back and forth on her front two legs. We figured all the years of jumping out of the truck had caused the ligaments to be painful. We have tried these for a week now on our walk and they seem to be helping.

      54. MrsTater88

        My dog kept tripping with these on, I was afraid she would hurt herself more than she was already.

      55. Big X

        My little puppy got stepped on and nothing was broken, but the injury was taking too long to heal since she was constantly playing with her much older brother… this brace per the instructions did the job perfectly!!

      56. Laura Gallagher

        Bought the blue pair for my dog with SLE and 6 months later the Velcro wore out on one of them. I reached out wondering if by chance I could get a refund and they honored it even though I only had one month for a return normally. Because of their customer service, instead of looking for another set I bought the same set because they’re great, mine were just a fluke I guess. So overall, happy customer. Thanks Kevin!

      57. James M. Fisher

        This brace helped our dog to recover from a repetitive wrist injury. We would put it on her for her longer walks and she gradually got used to having it put on her arm.

      58. Carol

        works good but they r too big for my dog

      59. Matt PMatt P

        Velcro can’t handle its own strength. Hook tabs fraying at the edges and loop tabs ripping off after 5 uses. Thought it was a simple enough product that it wouldn’t have many potential points of failure. I was wrong. Very poorly made.

      60. Gedigedi

        Works well for my minpin.

      61. Kaorisdad

        My small-medium dog has some ligament pain in her front leg and this brace has offered some support for this. My dog’s leg circumference was 3.75″ and other braces that are long enough (4″) are too large for the leg. This brace fit the leg well. My only complaint is that the lower Velcro strip edge leaves too much excess and some of the hook gets caught on things like our carpet or rugs. Need a bit more pile to allow the edge to catch and it would be perfect. If I cut the excess off, I cannot grab the tab to remove the brace easily. I may have to wrap the tab with some bandage. But otherwise a good dog brace.

      62. DAWN YOPP

        My dog chewed them off

      63. DL

        The product provides good support for our dog with occasional joint problems.Product wears well, easy to use, hours of support.

      64. kw

        Like the ease of putting it on but very small fits but my dog easily takes it off. Wish it were a little bit longer

      65. Tierny K.

        This product is amazing! My boxer puppy only had to wear them for a couple of days and it completely corrected his feet.

      66. Daniel Aguilar

        These braces more than met my expectations. And speaking of expectations, you have to have reasonable ones. I’ve seen some critical reviews, but honestly, for what these are, they’re very effective. My 13 year old dog was starting to stumble occasionally while on her walks. I noticed her front right leg appeared to give out on her once in a while when she hit a certain pace. It seemed weak and like it could use some support or reinforcement. Ever since we’ve started using the braces on her. She hasn’t fallen once. A couple of times she looked like she might be about to take a little tumble, but with the braces she was able to recover very quickly and it never turned into a fall. You have to make sure to fasten them tight, just like the instructions say. I can only imagine that the reason why some people say they droop or fall is that they’re not tightening them enough. Anyway, she took to them right away and I’m very happy with the reinforcement that they offer and the confidence and comfort I feel now that she’s using them.

      67. Kathy

        Our puppy has a torn ACL — she’s only 13 lbs so we decided to try this before opting for surgery. Very happy so far — she’s comfortable with it and it does seem to strengthen her back leg.

      68. D. Swartz

        Easy to put on my dog and appear to be very comfortable. She does not chew on them or try to take them off. And they seem to help her front legs, no more limp when she is wearing them. Threw them in the washing machine when dirty and they came out like new.

      69. Amazon Customer

        Great product

      70. Amazon Customer

        Was too big for my dogs foot and she was very incomfortable with it. Did not work as thought it would.

      71. Austina Cronk

        This product didnt stay in place unless too tight. It slid everywhere and caused discomfort.

      72. Schnauzer mom

        My little Schnauzer s broken leg was beginning to weaken after years of running an playing. She loves her brace. Plays an runs from day one. My vet approved of it!!

      73. Jess

        My dog sprained her front leg and was walking with a limp, and this brace helps give her support and prevent her from tripping and falling. They’re easy to apply/remove and very adjustable for comfort. Plus, the reflectors are very visible at night.

      74. Andrea Langlinais

        We have a dog actually he is still a puppy and he has a deformed paw. We noticed his ankle was not that strong either so we got these to give him some support when he goes for a walk/run. Before he would stumble at times but now he is more sure footed rarely stumbles while he is wearing them. I would definitely recommend them they have made a big difference for him.

      75. howie maclean

        They appear to be to long and they are uncomfortable for her to wear. I need to have 1 inch cut off so lt will not bother her walking. She is a 86 pound German Shepherd.

      76. SanC

        Thank you for the well thought of braces. My fussy Terrie that has painful arthritis has gotten used to these quite quickly. They help him on walks. He can’t walk very far like he used to- BUT he does make a good effort on our morning walk. He goes a a very slow but steady pace. This is si good for his spirits since he gets to see his buddies and “smell” all the latest news~ The price was a stretch for me since I have expensive health issues myself. However these are worth the cost for my loyal companion. I hope you don’t raise the price. It has been very rainy and I’m goin tomhave to order more.One more question~ I have a petite Chihuahua, 6lbs very frail. I would really appreciate having a pair for her.ho ever they would need to be half the size of the XS that I have for my Terrier. Thisould entail reducing all aspects of the leg brace. If you are interested I would gladly speak with you regarding the semantics.Again job well done on a good product. I have 5 other friends that have ordered these for there pets sides they have seen how much it has aided Beau. Thank you, Sandra

      77. Amazon Customer

        Easy to use

      78. George Graham

        Nice design and would work perfectly if the pup didn’t chew it off. Something more durable to coat it with and to keep the straps in tact. One use is all I got out of them.

      79. Barbara

        I have tried everything under the sun to prevent my dog from obsessively, licking her leg! She has yeast allergies and has developed a lump and infection from licking . This brace is great! My dog is a 65 lb American bulldog and I got the small /medium size ( I was worried it was going to be too small) and it fits perfectly, and appears to be comfortable for her! So far she hasn’t been able to get it off, like I said, it doesn’t seem to bother her. It stays on, even while outside running around! The price was right and the quality is great! I would highly recommend this brace.

      80. Alesa WatersAlesa Waters

        Zoey was struck by a speeding car 4 weeks ago and just got her legs back but we noticed she was resting on her right wrist so we got her these and she likes them , they must make her feel better because after 4 hrs I go to pull them off and she wouldn’t let me , I put an ice pack on top of it and she’s standing better after just 3 days, really.

      81. Corinne Feldmann

        Unfortunately i lost both as they came undone while the dog was walking.

      82. Amazon Customer

        When her legs seem to hurt it helps them and helps her to walk so we like what they do for her

      83. yogibear

        It worked better upside down with the wrap around strap at the bottom. Otherwise it slipped down over his dew claw pad. It seems to help his arthritic front paw.

      84. Cyn K

        I bought these for my 25-lb Sheltie who just turn four. He hurt his leg playing soccer from all the jumping and quick turns. His leg was turned inwards and awful limping. I could not get the Smalls to fit on his delicate legs-too big. I even tried putting one over the top of the other but too bulky. I’m a hand therapist and knew he needed more support on the inside of his leg. Lo and behold, I had ordered a pencil case and inside was was a half-rolled piece of 1/2-inch thick soft styrofoam. I cut it in half lengthwise to about 6 inches and doubled it up. I put it on the inside part of Pippin’s leg and then applied the brace…Perfect! It straightened out his leg with no irritation! Before it must have been pulling on his hair as he kept biting at it and would lick his leg when I took the spint off. Now he can wear it all day long and I even have him wear it during rough-and-tough soccer and fetch games with great comfort and stability. I hope this trick helps others.

      85. Kellie

        I bought for my lab to help support her legs. I’ve tried several times to use theses but they aren’t quite as fitting as she needs . They move and slide down when she walks which is uncomfortable.

      86. Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

        The wraps alleviated strains from Diamond’s having jumped on the spokes of a rear wheel when a spic was cycling.

      87. Justin Callahan

        They will protect a little bit.

      88. Anita Claytor

        Good quality for price. Velcro is difficult to undo.

      89. Craig Johnson

        I have a 14 year old red minpin with arthritis in one leg. He sprang his good leg walking one evening and both legs failed. I wrapped his legs for days using using compression bandages but they fell off or were chewed off. I went to Amazon and found NeoAlly leg braces for him. They saved the day! After using NeoAlly braces for a week the leg was healed. Now if I see him favor one leg I put his leg brace or braces on and problem solved. I highly recommend keeping a set of NeoAlly leg braces on hand at all times. You never know when you will need them and you will.

      90. Gene P

        These braces help my large older dog heal for some damage he did while running. He was having trouble getting around and with the braces he had less trouble. I would recommend these to anyone with a dog that is having trouble, they are good quality, easy on and off. Thanks for getting this product to me as quickly as you did.

      91. Timothy J Fox

        Contacted seller about minor issue. Very professional, intelligent and helpful. I would recommend highly.

      92. April W

        Good quaity brace. Super easy to put on and adjust. Fits my Mr Pickles (90lb American Staffordshire terrier) well.

      93. Karen Watson

        fit weenie dog, good for his hurt leg

      94. Cathy Overturf

        Dog is limping so thought we’d try this—- they recommend wearing on both even if only limping on one. But there were two left braces, not one of each

      95. glwoods

        We needed to help our active, but arthritic sweet dog. Deciding to take a chance on some external support, we could not be happier. These braces are easy to use- she’s walking better (less wobbly) and even a little running around. Wish we had known about them long ago. Our dog is happy to wear them and has support for sure.

      96. Amazon Customer

        They did offer support for his ankle when taking him on short walks, while his leg healed

      97. John Cawley

        When these arrived, they worked great. But within a week or two the large velcro began to pull away from the fabric. We’ve had to sew them back several times… and now the smaller velcro tabs are fraying. Bought two pairs and after piecing them together we have one pair left.

      98. Amazon Customer

        My dog Rocky had a limp from jumping on and off my furniture. I knew if I took him to the Vet it would be at least $200. I looked on line for some type of support that he could wear. This product worked very well. Within a week of wearing it he was back to normal. The trick was to make sure it was snug.

      99. Jessica Powell

        fits perfect and has really helped our boxer, Gracie, who has an old wrist injury. She has severe arthritis and an “unstable” joint (per our vet.) This has kept us from having to give her as much pain medication.

      100. Sherri

        Items arrived on time and were as described, but unfortunately my dog passed away before they arrived and I had no opportunity to use them—-had to return unopened. Sorry—-but they looked well made.

      101. NT@PASADENA

        My car is getting old and I think he has some joint issues so I tho about buying him something like this to support his front legs. OMG, my cat is way too smart, he hates this thing and would not want to keep it on him so he tried to shake them off, but it doesn’t work. So he tried to bite them off one by one!!! There is no way I can keep those on him, now need to find other alternatives.

      102. tammy

        Maggie had a bad sprain and was in a lot of pain. She let me put these splints on her before she went out. The splints are small, but tough. She walked around more and they did give her support. I used them on both legs. I kept them on her no longer than 3 hours at a time. When it was time to go potty, she wouldn’t even get up until I put the splints on her! In a couple days she was back to her old bouncy self. Vet told us she has arthritis in both her legs and it wouldn’t hurt her to wear these when we go on long walks for added support. Very happy with this product! Thank you

      103. Ma

        My 110 lbs dog needs support and this did the trick. It helped with his pain so he didn’t limp so much.

      104. RONALD SCOTT

        They are pretty simple to put on and take off. My Rottie is really getting used to them just after 2 days. i put them on him and take them of after 3-4 hours a number of times during the day! I can stretch out giving him pain relief for a couple of days. he does just fine with them on! Happy I tried them!

      105. Born Irish

        Used these over dew claw removal bandages. Our pup kept licking at that bandages – the wraps kept the sutures in tact and the bandages in place. We were able to free him from the ‘collar of shame’….he was happy!

      106. The Terry Crew

        Product as described. Works well for our dog. Happy with our purchase. Great customer service from the company.

      107. Genna T.Genna T.

        Bought for my puppy for more stability while her joints were growing! Very supportive and kept her joints nice and straight

      108. TITA

        These braces were a perfect fit for my aging chihuahua and has helped her with walking short distances.

      109. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

        We purchased these braces for our Husky’s front legs. We noticed that after long runs she would favor her front paws. Since wearing the NeoAlly braces, we have noticed a huge improvement especially after longer runs. The braces are very easy to put on, even for a husky who hate having her paws touched. It only took her a few minutes to get used to wearing them the first time. Now every time we say the “W” words, she waits by her leash and holds out a paw.

      110. Patricia T.Patricia T.

        My Yorkie walks much better with them! In love that he can give a few more steps!!

      111. Sheltie Mom of 2

        My boy Max who is a Sheltie had Carpal Arthrodiese surgery, these are great for the extra support.

      112. SunkissedSunkissed

        This product was purchased for my puppy with weak wrist joints. I didnt use them for very long but they did help a little bit. He luckily has grown out of the issues he was experiencing.

      113. Shari L. Hayes

        These fit my dog well and are much better than the last item I purchased for her legs. I would highly recommend these!

      114. DoggyMom

        My dog suffers from arthritis in his front left leg and has resorted to holding it up and hoping along on 3 legs. I read that a side affect of arthritis is muscle atrophy resulting from non-use. In an effort to help him continue to use his arthritic leg, i purchased a brace from this company. It has really helped give him the extra support and confidence he needs to use his leg and stay mobile on all 4 legs. I do suggest actually measuring your dog to fit the size chart. I did not and had to exchange a medium out for a small, but the process of exchange was seamless and the associate was extremely helpful and prompt!

      115. olivia juarez

        Really helped our puppy who has a problem with hyper extending his front legs.It improved his gait. Unfortunately as he got bigger he tore these to shreds. So keep an eye out when they wear them.

      116. Amazon Customer

        worked fine

      117. Chrisy M.

        They do seem to strengthen my dogs “wrists”

      118. Suzan

        This is the only product that is comfortable enough for my dog to leave on. He’s literally chewed through, everything else. We’re dealing with a 7 month old Golden Retriever that won’t slow down, to heal a sprain. After 3 days of braces, he’s finally showing improvement.

      119. Night owl

        They keep slipping down! So much so one day I did a super tight wrap and her poor foot swelled. If you’re going to buy a brace buy the one with the harness too!These are superb quality if only they didn’t slide down! Every single time! 😡

      120. Annette B Hupalar

        I was very happy with these. These really helped my furbaby’s front legs. Unfortunately she was with us a couple days after I purchased these before she unexpectedly passed. Even though her time was short, they helped support her legs and were well worth the purchase.

      121. Tamara K.

        These help support the joints, but it does not prevent the joints from movement.

      122. Tammy

        Fit is good, quality is high, and support of joint is better than expected

      123. Steven A.

        These braces arrived well packaged and seem to be good quality. They should give good support to our dogs front legs.

      124. Lori Benninghoff

        Only reason I gave it 3 stars is because even the extra small was too big for my Chihuahua so had to return it. I did find it very well made.

      125. jamt

        These are doing what my dog needed.

      126. Sarah

        Our 5 lb Chihuahua has had a hard time walking do to arthritis in his from leg. With the brace he can walk and play more now. He’s a happy dog. Thank you

      127. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

        This product worked really well for Bentley.. At first, he had a hard time walking around normal but was able to adjust in no time. I’m hoping to correct his paws (he turns them outward) and relieve tension.

      128. Wojos1

        After a little learning curve, make sure to tighten straps or sleeve will slip. Very well made though

      129. Ernestina G.

        Its been a great pain reliever for our Service Dog Dino .

      130. Kim T.

        My dog don’t like it but I do!

      131. Gary Wolschlager


      132. Yvette Munoz

        My weenie dogs legs went out and we tried these to help him stand while we held him up and they didn’t do more than the bandages we had on him.

      133. Nickie

        Helps my old dog as she has arthritis in each leg, but takes a lot of weight on her front legs which have arthritis in the ankles, to be able to walk. These little supports seem to help and are light weight and dry quickly when she splashes through puddles. Must fit on leg high enough to avoid the carpal pad halfway up the back of the leg, and she does try to avoid having them put on, but only because she doesn’t like the noise of he Velcro!

      134. GT

        Thank you for making this product. My dog has a sore on his leg that the vet is treating long-term with antibiotics. If this were not available our only other option would be a cone. The brace is sturdy and stays in place. My dog does not try to chew it, which I take as an indication of comfort. He’s been wearing it for about two weeks and I do not see any wear. The Velcro is very sticky and I haven’t had any issues with it coming loose. My dog is a 100 lb English black lab (stocky) and the brace fits him well.

      135. bootsy

        I bought the extra small for my cat and they worked not that great the way they instruct you to put them on, and Jinx removed them in about 3 hours. So I turned them upside down, with the shorter velcro at the top, and the longer velcro at the bottom. That way I could make it tighter at the bottom as the shorter velcro is too short to be of much use. I also had to add 2 bamboo sticks for more support. One at the front, as I tighten the velcro, and one at the back of his leg. The braces were not supportive enough without the sticks. I just bought some barbeque skewers and broke off 2″ pieces and sanded the ends. So far it seems to be working okay. He’s just getting used to wearing them and kind of shakes his paws as he walks but with them on upside down it does support his carpal hyperextended front legs better. I take them off at night like I read in a vet online site to do. I couldn’t really rate the comfort, which I think is an odd category, since I’m not wearing them myself. I would guess that Jinx thinks they’re not all that comfy being as cats don’t like having stuff put on them.Using them for a week now, it’s such a hassle to try and put the sticks in as I tighten the velcro, so today I used some black electrical tape to carefully tape the sticks to the braces, being careful not to cover any velcro. It makes them much easier to put on.

      136. CZ17

        Product would have been perfect except it cut off the circulation due to my dogs leg being the same circumference at the bottom strap as the top strap (where they tell you to measure for size). If the bottom strap was longer or had more room for size adjustment it would have been great.

      137. Amazon Customer

        Definitely helping my arthritic dog

      138. Priscilla N.Priscilla N.

        So easy to put on and Bear walks with more comfort.Makes my heart feel better that these braces will help with his old age and arthritis!

      139. Kathleen W Colvin

        Thankful for these supports to they reduced the pain in my dog moving around. Measuring my dog allowed me to obtain the correct size. Thank you for the detail information about this product.

      140. Helena Clift

        Unfortunately, my dog showed signs of being about to chew straight through the braces so I had to put him back in an Elizabethan collar, but this was the best product I found in my attempt to get him to stop licking wounds on his forelegs. All the special, super-strong bandages and gauze (other products) just ended up in his stomach and he had to have another major operation to get them out!

      141. KraussRBF

        My dog loves to jump up and catch things. Sometimes, if he’s on hard ground he abrades his pad. These wraps work to protect him while they are healing. They are like run down boots for horses.

      142. Judi Haase

        I have a 10 yr old border collie with a right front leg that appeared to have a bad tendon. Doctors say he’s a little messed up. He didn’t want walk much, play, just wanted to lay around. He’s been a working dog since about two, although he’s retired now. I hated to see him uncomfortable. His leg from above foot to knee bowed back so I believe an injured tendon. I bought this just to try and see, it made a world of difference. He use to not want to jump down off things (couch, bed etc.) now no problem. Put it on him in the am and wears it til bed time. No rubbing hair off, no irritation just relieving help for Toby.

      143. Jason Turner

        Got a puppy pit that was really bow legged. Bout this and within a week of using it he had a straight stance. Only problem was that him being a puppy he chewed it up. So I only got to use it for about a week.

      144. ebrose

        Our shih tzu has had some leg weakness following a neck injury. These braces add support when taking walks.

      145. M’Ellen Hill

        Liked it all. Our dog is a 15 year old kelpie and needed support for his front legs. These were recommended by our vet.

      146. Hayley

        Not really happy we measured against the size but comeAnd looks far too tiny for my staffy more like a fit for a puppy

      147. Chris

        I bought these braces for a 16 week old Doberman puppy. He put on weight too fast and started to “knuckle over”. I needed a small amount of support on his joints and this provided it. GREAT value and great product. The puppy chewed at the braces and was able to get some teeth marks, but they definitely stood up to his revengeful chewing. The velcro is sturdy and easy to take on/off. They are just large enough to cover the joint and surrounding area without excess.If you need medium support, these are what you’re looking for. Definitely recommend.

      148. Amazon Customer

        My dog has a ligament that was damaged when she was hit by a car. This brace helps her walk without knuckling.

      149. Houstonpam

        My 11 1/2 year-old Doberman Pincher has bone cancer in his front right foot. The stress on his left foot from compensating for his painful and weakened right foot was causing his left foot to double back and he would fall on his face on the sidewalk. With the NeoAlly Dog & Cat Front Leg Brace on his good leg, Sawyer can still take his nightly walk which remains important to him. I want him to enjoy every minute he has left and the NeoAlly front leg brace is helping me let Sawyer enjoy his favorite activities.

      150. jeanette

        I did find that with putting them on my boys legs upside down they stayed on much longer, otherwise they fall off almost immediately.

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