Who We Are

NeoAlly Pets is established by a group of vet professionals – veterinarians, orthopedic surgeons, and companion animal rehab specialists. We have seen enough animals suffering from leg injuries or weak legs from aging, and the owners struggling in finding the right products to help their pups. By setting up the company, we have one and only one mission, which is to utilize our knowledge, experience, and resources to create the best ortho care products to help those furry friends.

All the products listed on this site have been well tested by our patient pets.  Due to the large difference in size and shape of our dear furry friends, we’ve done enormous work in determining the sizes and making the product flexible and adjustable enough to ensure the best fit of the product. It is our hope that those products will help most, if not all, pets en route to an active, healthy and happy life.

We keep developing and adding new products to this site, so please do stop by to check it out!

  What Problem We Solve

More and more companion animals, especially dogs, develop joint issues from active running and jumping. In most cases, surgery is not an option either physically (age) or financially (cost). Bracing has become a viable alternative. More and more pet owners have reported success stories of their pets having regained or improved mobility after using the correct braces.

Given the nature of brace makers and veterinarians are two separate businesses, vets have very limited information about dog braces and their makers. Vets can only give pet owners recommendations based on the limited information they have. It is up to pet owners to search and buy the correct braces from thousands of brands on the market. This often leads to incorrect products being bought and used and eventually deteriorates the issue or causes more damages to their pets.

By directly designing and making the products ourselves, we have eliminated the barriers and connected the dots between the pet owners and product makers. More importantly, we have first-hand information about the issue and apply that to our advantage of making the products. The products we make are spot-on to the treatment, which gives our pet owners peace of mind when purchasing the products from us.

  What Benefits Pet Owners Get

  • Trusted products designed and authorized by Vets, thoroughly tested and verified for fit and effectiveness

  • High-quality products at a below-market price (we offer deep price cut by cutting out the middle-men)

  • Peace of mind in purchasing and using the products for your pets

  • Hassle-free customer service and product warranty

  • Customer services directly from the vets’ professionals

  See What Our Customers Say

“My little girl is a lot happier now .. and able to walk without any discomfort …”

Cyprus Sun Boy

“I am pleased with the Neoally braces I got for my dog. They are just what the doctor ordered for him. He lets me put them on and does not seem to mind them at all. Great product for the price, yes, I would recommend them to any dog owner, .”


“This is the product to beat, both in quality of materials and price point. Very effective in helping arthritic dogs walk more easily. We had a partial ACL tear that took a year to heal, and this product was integral in helping our dog move more easily.”

Domi Robertson

“Very quick shipping, seller was quick to communicate and very accommodating as well! Thank you!!”

K. Fisher

“We bought one about 6 months ago and it seems to help out Goldens’ elbow dysplasia which swells when she goes for a walk. The key is to leave the compression bandage on for about 1-2 hours after the walk. We bought a second one to have at our vacation home where we do a lot of hiking in the mountains”

Donna S.

“Did not know what to buy so called customer service number. They helped me get the correct product. My dog’s mobility improves with these on. They give her support she needs. She is a happy dog once again and is not afraid to move or play. Very happy about the service.”


“11 year old dog is having loss of muscle in one hind leg. Called the customer and get the correct size. These have helped because she wears them and is walking and even running which is building up the muscle.”

M. Sanchez

“This brace was recommended by my veterinarian, and seems to be helping my Yorkie. I have only been using for a few days, but so far so good”

Kindle Customer

“Our little dog likes these braces. We bought a second set in case we lose the first because they do help her walk.”


“The instructions for determining the size needed for my animal was very accurate and the item arrived in time.”

Kathleen W Colvin

“I am very pleased. I purchased this for my 12 year old black lab. She played ball at all costs. It looked to my like it would also support her left shoulder as well. It is easy to put on & she stopped limping immediately. She takes many supplements & I am concerned for her liver values. This is the first thing that gave her immediate relief.”

Miss Pam

“Customer service is great! this product is working well for my dog and his tendon is healing. I hand washed them today and brushed off all the fur, great product”

Carol Langsford

“I commented on this product already but I will leave a comment again. I ordered this with my vets advice and verification these were the right ones. I received them and they work great. My dog is walking better and putting more weight on his legs when walking . thank you”

Patti Polo

“These are great dog braces, my dog has a wound on his rear leg, and it covers it very well. So he can’t lick it. And it is great I can take these off quickly during an agility trial, and put back on when waiting for the next run. I kept on using vet wrap, but I had to use so many of those. This is so much better, and in the long run much cheaper.”


“I have a 14 year old dog that out of the blue was having trouble putting weight on his back leg. I didn’t pay attention to the sizing chart and got the wrong size. I called customer number and was offered a free exchange for the right size. He’s been wearing the braces for about a week now and were following the guidelines they provided for wearing times and he’s doing a lot better. “

Robin K.

“I bought for a 12 yo husky who gets flare ups of arthritis and occasionally a little shaky, especially with winter rolling in. She is also 3 years removed from acl surgery. While she won’t be bouncing like a puppy, we immediately saw more stability and confidence from her, even in small things like standing up from laying and navigating the stairs. A definite help and worth the purchase”

Jeremy A Davis

“Great customer service! I had many questions because we had an issue the first day of use, then two days were good and the forth day our dog was tripping and not able to control his legs until we took them off. They answered every question and were very kind and concerned. what a Good company!!”


“My 11 year old Maltese has luxating patella on both back legs & a torn ACL. Her ACL is healing very nicely. Her back legs are so much better and stable! I only take them off when she sleeps at night.”

Lisa G. Ondrasek

“Fulfilled as promised the very next day. Good customer service to me. My dog seemed to really need that particular support. He trotted down the steps on down the street as our neighbors were astonished and just watched with a smile. He was happy. You could tell. Hurray for HAPPY our 14 yr old lab/husky.”

Rossie D

“Though I had to return the braces. Nancy from NeoAlly went way above and beyond to help me out. Excellent customer service!”

Maryanne C.

“Customer service was very helpful. Described the product very well. I will be doing business with Neoally on many of the products they carry.”

Happy Customer

“Fit perfectly….easy to put on, and they made a big difference in my dog’s mobility.”

Keith R.

“Not gonna lie was so on the fence got them yesterday after being delayed- put them on my dog who’s been falling (16) in the grass when he shits – nope not today have had then for less then a day so far perfect”

Happy Customer

“It has been a great help to my dog in day one. He wears it all day and we remove it at night. Glad I got this for my Aussie who is over 13 years.”

Edgar F. Garner